Is it ok for my breast to still be hard after i stopped breastfeeding nearly a week ago?

my one breast that supplied more milk is still hard but not full, it isnt engorged simply hard, similar to if it was full. and it hurts to put pressure on it, but i dont mull over it is infected. it is not burning or red. i didnt bandage my breasts, i merely slowly stopped feeding, my vanished breast is fine and feels everyday. should i pump a little to verbs it or can i wait until my body absorb the milk, i've heard of that, but am not sure. and how long does it pocket to absorb it and it softens?

If your on birth control?

doesn`t matter what you do dont pump your breast because if you do the milk will continue to produce.Just lurk another week or so it should go down to run of the mill.Mine took about 2 weeks.suitable luck.

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It is everyday...give it another week or two depending on how long you pumped or brest feed

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I would put hot compresses on it, pumping it will re-engorge you milk ducts. It sounds close to your ducts are plucked up.
If the pain & toughness doesn't decrease beside the hot compresses, you need to walk see your doc. for possible infection.

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