For those with fibromyalgia and surrounded by perimenopause?

do you notice an increase anguished, and other symptoms, and if so what has help you?

Is it true??

I was diagnosed near fibro shortly after starting peri menopause and nothing made me surface better till i reserached and found info on magnesium -that it was found to relief in tons fibro sufferers- i was within such horrid pain 24/7 and tired of have to take strain meds that eventually i got immune to and have to take a superior dose--------so i decide to try it (at that point i be willing to try anything witn in reason-I started the magnesium in unpunctually Decemeber and by March i felt 100 percent better-it be amazing-the pain subsided and i still feel tired and still do but i rather business with that later the severe pain i have been.
You are supposed to give somebody a lift 1400 mg a day which i believe it over 3 times the recomended dose on the bottle.
It worked for me.

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