can you have aching from endometriosis in between your period? is it normal for one side of my pelvis to be inflamed. also...is it middle-of-the-road that the belt on my pants sometimes make my stomach hurt on both sides?

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Yes you can have dull pain in between your period from Endo. I think it can be possible for your pelvis to be inflamed, the pretext why is because I have an slip right next to my right kidney, it cause alot of pain on that side and when they own done Ct-scans before they own seen that kidney enlarged. And if the belt is to it can bring problems. I know when I am in alot of cramp I tend to wear cotton pants, because they don't fit as tight as my jeans, and some times comfort is more far-reaching than my looks (but that's just me!)

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Girl that is impossible to tell apart problem that i am experiencing and to all of your question is YES. I'm in treatment for mine right immediately and they said the only approach to really diagnosis it is to have surgery. Which I'm on the catalogue to have to see what's going on. My period are unbearable at times and I can't stand wearing tight pant are even belts when it flares up and yes one side of my pelvis hurts as though someone has set it flaming. My husband is like what is wrong next to you and I cry, ball up contained by a fetal position or just enjoy to move or moan in torment from it. I would say see your doctor ASAP. It might be getting worse or you may obligation to see what's really going on inside and to make sure that near isn't a cyst or endo growing around your ovaries. Hey e-mail me and let me know what happen and I will keep u contained by touch with mine I pray it get better I know how it feels.

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I have chronic pelvic aching everyday, worse during my periods. It's approaching constant menstrual cramps from the time I was up until I walk to bed. Advil and Motrin only worked for a few weeks respectively, then I started to a moment ago deal next to it. I haven't been diagnosed next to endo, yet, I am have surgery tomorrow morning to see why I have such irregular (so many) period, possibly endo and/or PCOS. I have 95% of the symptoms for endo, including severe throbbing during periods, agony during/after sex, constipation, and fatigue. I am not sure if you meant you be diagnosed with endo and weren't sure if these problems were majority, or if you were asking if you might hold it. Only way to know for sure it to achieve a laparoscopy. I never heard of pelvic inflamation because of endo, but it could possibly be an ovarian cyst you perceive? Best way to find out is run to a gyno and explain your problems, from there they can see exactly what's going on. I've coupled a pretty informative website, just travel to the right and click on Endometriosis and it will scroll down to the article.

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sometimes you will hold pain during or after your length, and as for your other questions, i would suppose it's common, but i'm not sure. talk to your gynocologist in the order of it.

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