Ugh, how can i get rid of cramps? serve plz?

why do some people obtain wicked impossible cramps and others don't feel anything? i other get horrible cramps and repeatedly have to stay home from arts school and barely grasp out of bed and my friends make fun of me for it. is near anything i can do to make it stop? it hurts so impossible and well it's ugh...

Someone please minister to me through this misery..please.?

ok umm mostly all populace get cramps. here are some tips on how to win rid of them

OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen or naproxen used around the clock at the first sign of your time of year helps to cut the severity of cramps in oodles women by inhibiting the release of prostaglandins.
Regular exercise such as walking helps to prevent or at smallest reduce the severity of menstrual cramps for some women.
Oral contraceptives may effectively exhaust or eliminate menstrual cramps for some women; however you should consider the side effects of oral contraceptives in the past using them to prevent cramps.
Zinc, calcium, and B vitamins obtained surrounded by food and supplements have be found to reduce cramps, bloating and other symptoms.
Herbal remedies such as Viburnum prunifolium, Scutellaria spp., and Cimicifuga raemosa own an antispasmodic effect that may reduce some menstrual cramps.
A heat bath complete with aromatherapy or a heat pad on your lower tummy and back is normally helpful for relieving menstrual cramping.

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take midol to relieve ur cramps


heating pad

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Luckily i don't cramp often, but when i do i'm curled up within a little orb wishing i could purely die and get it over next to.
Honestly, i've found good ripened ibuprofen is great for getting rid of the pain. You can get hold of that in advil form, or motrin, or store generic brands.

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girl i enjoy the same problem i basically take some pills and use a heat pad sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't

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Well I suggest a call in to the doctor and streching if you get cramps by streching afterwards leave of that!


I'm sorry. I know how it is. When I be a teenger, I was on my when I get my period. You should consider going on birth control if you're competent; it regulates your periods and make them much less raw. I was approaching in extent hell until I started birth control at age 18.

Anyway, TAKE IBUPROFEN. Ibuprofen is the miracle cramp drug because it's a muscle relaxant. Be sure it take it near food or milk. I would often clutch three at a time to knock it out fast and would have a feeling great after. (But be sure not to take more than six within 24 hours.)

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I know I'm a male and don't know what it feel like, but resembling the other 2 ladies said, midol and a heating wad usually will do the do I know, well, get some female friends, who, not that I mind, attention to detail to share that they are on their periods and give an account me ALL about it, plus and ex of mine used to stir through that, missed work, school, and would be out for approaching a whole week. So, yeah, heat pad, midol, and if you involve too, depending on the pain rank, you might want to hit the docs to find out what if it could be something else. That will help if any.

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midol has some near naproxon...go to doctor gain 800 milgram ibuproens they work. and take them next to a coke caffenine always help my cramps.

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lolz u can't, its a pure cause that comes along the interval cycle (there a variety of medication) midol or tynelone etc!

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Get Midol 12 hour. It lasts adjectives day and works on adjectives of your PMS symptoms. You can also try pamprin. Both work. Good luck!

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I also have this problem and the best item is a hot water bottle - compress it from the kettle so it's really hot, then press it over a t-shirt, against your stomach. It really works.

You'll stipulation painkillers too, but the hot water bottle really does numb the strain and does half the work.

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oh god, dont you just aversion cramps?
i am 16 and have highly bad cramps too. walk to your doctor, he/she may prescribe tablets like mefenamic acerbic or tranexamic acid, or even the pill.
within the mean time, snatch a hot water bottle and some chocolate.
i aso enjoy an orange spilt up into segment in the bowl beside lots of sugar on them - dont ask but it helps. my granny used to do it to my for my mother.
and excersie really really does help out even though it is the last entity you want to be doing - go for a fast 5 minute walk and you will be aware of better.

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1. Take the Advil liquid gel. They work in 20 minutes.
2. Go to the doctor and ask to start the pill. Your period won't be as heavy and the cramps will find MUCH better.

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Consult a good homeopath. There are remarkably good medicine in homeopathy and long-lasting cure for cramps. The most common remedy is Cuprum Met contained by 30 potrency. Take 4 pills three times a day for something like 6 months. Since you area a girl, it is better to consult the doctor who will study your symptoms and later decide the prescription and potency.


just stand up when u get it
drug which can help r
3) contained by market available as black gold ingots tab < take it twice day after day for 15 days
4) or ask ur chemist to contact me by email

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