Is Cervical Cancer?

Is cervical cancer detectable by yearly paps?

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I enjoy heard if you other have a right pap every year then you are fine. Ask your doc the subsequent time you go within! for signs and symptoms!

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yes and no a pap smear can detect abnormal cell which require more testing which can find cervical cancer.

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YES ! Even near the new vaccine "Guardasil" women will still call for yearly Pap's.The vaccine solitary protects against certain papilloma virus,not all.All women sexually alive should have a twelve-monthly Pap smears,sexually active youthful teens also need this experiment. Cervical cancer caught early, is almost 100% curable.It remains the best defense for women,to diagnose rash cervical cancers,after almost 50 years of use.Cervical cancer is almost asymptomatic,connotation there isn't any one big item to watch for.Only irregular vaginal bleeding,and post coital bleeding,until a visable cervical lesion are present. Take care. SW FNP

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You don't inevitability to have one done every year.
Any doctor who tell you that you need to enjoy a pap done every 12 months is nothing more than a pervert.

The standard interval between test is 2 years, unless you have have previous questionable test results, contained by which case you should enjoy a smear done every 6 months.


I disagree with Bun up above. You SHOULD own them every 12 months. This is from internet resources and from doctors. If your doctor is pervy maybe you should swtich Bun.
Especially if you are sexually helpful, go every 12 months.

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In Australia, the national guidelines in a minute say that patients should enjoy 2 yearly pap smears. The lenient can elect to have twelve-monthly smears but medicare will only payment for one smear each 2 years unless in that is a history of abnormal smears contained by which case the billing scenario will variation slightly. The smear then become a non screening smear and will then be compensated by medicare.

The pap smear is the best test available for the detection of cervical cancer. In Australia, it have now be determined by extensive studies that smearing annually has no more chemical addition effects to improving the statistics for morbidity and mortality than if the smears have been done bi-annually. Hence 2-yearly paps is presently recommended in patients next to previously undetected lesions.

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