I have a total hysterectomy almost 20 years ago. Do I still need pap smears & what almost cervical cancer?


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If a hysterectomy be performed for a cancer, later it would be mandatory to have ongoing “vaginal vault” pap smears resourcefully into the future.

One must also remember that even though a total hysterectomy technically funds the cervix is also removed, it is remotely feasible that some endocervical cell may remain in the area of the vaginal basement. It is recognised that in some cases, vaginal basement smears can produce cellular evidence of glandular cells i.e. endocervical cell. Therefore, technically it is still possible to have the potential for nouns of neoplastic lesions surrounded by a vaginal vault. This is especially so if sexual leisure persists or if near was ever a record HPV or neoplastic lesion in the forgiving prior to the hysterectomy.

Hence continued pap smears of the vaginal vault would be prudent.

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You dont need a pap smear and you cant capture cervical cancer. If you ovaries are retained then capture an ultrasound done once a year to ensure all is all right.

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Yes, you can still get cancer surrounded by your cervical area. Rather be sheltered than sorry

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if you have a total hysterectomy including taking your cervix out you shouldn't need one however it is still sometimes adjectives practice for some doctors to do a pap smear on some patients to check the vaginal area, though not as repeatedly as if you still had your uterus and cervix.

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