Another Orgasm Q...?

I just asked a Q as to how long woman's orgasm's finishing... by the sounds of it the average was 10-15 second..

Is it just me or does not even come across worth it? Maybe it all depends on your sex drive... who know.

Why the girls like to wear short clothes, inspite of knowing the reality that boys stare them badly?

Man, I'm beside you. I've been celibate for 5 years in a minute, and I haven't had an orgasm surrounded by, like, six months or so. Sometimes I suppose about it--like, "OK, when I turn to bed, yeah, I'm gonna get off"--and consequently when I actually shift to bed I think, "eh, I'd a bit just move about to sleep."

What happends if you get you length in class what do i do?

It's with the sole purpose worth it during that short time span while having it.

Why my interval is taking so long now is almost 4 weeks..?

You own to admit that getting to that point is great

Could i fly when im 8 week pregnent?

well the orgasm may finishing about 10-15 second.. but the process of getting to orgasm is also just as pleasing..

either that, or you in recent times sound similar to you hate sex.. which is in actuality probably another type of mental issue to deal next to.

About heavy period, painful ones and endometriosis?

I suggest it's worth it. They vary surrounded by strength (at least for me), so sometimes it can be a really top soil shattering one!

Please help me i obligation some help?

It depends on who's giving it to you and if they hold the skills to make you really soak up one or hehe multiple times.

Is this meal ok?

10-15 second is most probably right.

Some penis are small or big so what kind of condom should you use for different sizes?

oh, i don't really know. but have an orgasm is as good as it get. it's more than worth it!

If you are an emotional eater, how do you stop yourself?

oh Hun.. the nice point about one female is that we can enjoy MULTIPLE orgasms.. most men cant do that.. and our orgasm may be short.. but studies show.. it is a whole hell of a great deal better then a man!!..

Is it normal to hold stretch marks when I'm solely 20 years old?

Another pretentious 'tardess above me! I perceive like I'm living spinal column in Edinburgh! lol

Classic flash has to be:

"and our orgasm may be short.. but studies show.. it is a full hell of a lot better later a mans!!.. "

I'd basically love to have see the advert in the science mags for volunteers to bear part within these studies!

Also, how exactly did they go roughly speaking 'testing' whose is better? Did they hook up a hundred men on one side and a hundred women on the other to a tool called an 'ooh-ooh-ometer' and afterwards shouted "go!" ? lol

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