Orgasm Q...?

Mainly for the ladies but guys answers are welcome too... How long do your orgasms finishing?

Mines probably 5-10 seconds.. =( Is this typical?

I've never really asked any friends or anyone before.. I other felt mine be short and barely worth the work (lol).

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It's really a difficult interview to answer for the female femininity, because it's so different for so many, and that doesn't even mention the different types of orgasms a girl can enjoy (vaginal, clitoral, etc.)

I know for some, it's possible to have several contained by rapid succession, but as far as actual length, I don't regard as there's anything really phenomenal about a 5-10 second duration, especially for a clitoral orgasm.

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That's about how long mine are. I've never hear of them being longer than that. So yes girl it's totally everyday.

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sounds right...try self stimulation next to your partner...don't be embarassed...will make for stronger orgasm.

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Mine are about that long too. If you masturbate profoundly so you know what you like and don't similar to, it can get a moment or two longer, but not much.

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well, you're not along when you say it's almost not worth the work, lol. but mine last in the region of that time also, so i would say that it is ordinary. but to me, it's better the 2nd and 3rd time when it's back to stern.

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disappointed?lol yeahh it sounds more or less right.

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Lol thats about right, mine receive me jerk but contained by a sexy

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I'm surprised to see how many of the answers right to be heard 5-10 seconds is the norm. The shortest of mine closing about 20 second whereas usually they last 30-45 second as long as my husband doesn't stop suddenly...and I wouldn't say my sex drive is overly lofty. I'd also say that I'm sort of competent to control them. I don't know how to explain quite what I suggest but I just variety of let my mind progress and work with the orgasm instead of against it. Instead of purely tensing up, I just relax and agree to the energy move about. But maybe it's a mental item in that I'm fundamentally comfortable in the bedroom beside my husband and even with myself? Who know, but I think the smaller quantity inhibited and the more in touch with your sexuality you are, the better and longer the orgasms. But that's a moment ago my personal opinion.

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