How can i avoid have uterine fibroids?

I had uterine fibrodes back and I had mymectomy to remove them, they be so big, i\m still 29 not married and no children. i'm so scared that i will suffer from them again

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There is no way to prevent uterine fibroids from coming wager on. Doctors don't even know what causes them.

I am pretty much contained by the same boat as you. I have a fibroid that was cause me to bleed half to extermination every month. The doctor I was going to kept giving me birth control, but after a year of that packed up, I finally got him to do something else. He did a couple procedures on me, adage I would have nouns, but it kept getting worse and worse every month. Finally, at the age of 24, he told me I would have to own a hysterectomy. I was single, no children, and a hysterectomy be not an option. I go for a second opinion and it be the best thing I ever did. I also have a myomectomy, and everything went capably. He was competent to leave everything intact and he said he didn't see any function I couldn't have children within the future, but that wasn't something he could predict or control. It's be over 3 years since my surgery and I've had no problems since. I'm still single, and I haven't tried to conceive so I still don't know if I can achieve pregnant, but if I ever have problems due to a uterine fibroid, I would not um and ah getting another myomectomy.

Be glad everything came out ok. You still enjoy a uterus, you still may be able to attain pregnant, and best of all, you're alive. Enjoy time. You're lucky you have a doctor that in actuality takes caution of you. There is always that possibility that the fibroids could come spinal column, but there's also the possibility that you'll never own one again. Look at me, I've been fibroid free for over 3 years very soon. So try not to worry just about something you have no control over.

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don't worry just about something that isn't there in a minute =try to get on near life and be blissful for who you are right now

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