My girlfriend is decide to get breast implant. I hear that they will cause the breasts to become inflexible...?

1)If this is true, how hard do they truly feel?
2)Do they touch artificial and strange and does this affect you sexually?
3)Will my girlfriend experience any health/physiological changes (other than size change) or side effects? She is 35.

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I am a mammographer and I have felt/touched hundreds of breasts near implants. I don't resembling them at all. The majority are frozen to the touch and are not pleasing to the eye. About half of my shoot patients regret their decision. Interestingly plenty, almost ALL of my breast reduction patients articulate they would do it again. The other problem I have near implants could be even more earth-shattering. It is much harder to find a breast cancer on mammogram films when the woman has implant. The implants cover the majority of the breast tissue. The look approaching big white balloons on the show. If there is a breast cancer beneath that white balloon, you will never see it. If you absolutely are established to get implant, have them inserted losing the chest wall. It won't interfer quite as much next to your mammograms that way.

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Dont know but most surgeriesneed to be redone after every six years or so..Ive hear this, not sure.

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Implants have be greatly improved to surface and behave more like instinctive breast tissue. Sex begins contained by the brain, not the breasts. Your girlfirend may feel "sexier" and you may respect her as "sexier". If this improves your sex vivacity, great. She shouldn't have any poorly effects other than the throbbing and bruising from the surgical procedure.

She needs to arrange a consultation beside a reputable surgeon and get adjectives the information she needs to be paid a final decision.

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it depends on what type of surround she is getting and the placement of it. the safer choice is smooth saline under the muscle which will consistency firmer than if it were over the muscle. but over the muscle after also allows for feeling the actual graft and rippling. the most natural outlook would be silicon. breast implants surrounded by general will be firmer than organic breast but it really does depend on type, placement, and doctor. hardening of the breast is truly a condition that may occur call capsular contracture where the breast pocket will set off to tighten and cause the insert to be constricted and feel ery firm. beneath the muscle helps weaken this. it doesnt do any harm to sex drive, if anything it will bring up her self esteem and clear her feel sexier. here is always a risk of complications beside any surgery. a good site for you to drop by to learn more is. in attendance is loads of information and frequently asked questions.
also i meditate its very cool that your concerned and taking the initiative to swot up more about what your girlfriend is doing. communicate her good luck!

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Have her read this first:

"Breast implant are the most predictable: Like any foreign objects in the body, they'll eventually be surrounded by blemish tissue, which can make breasts complex and painful. That's why every decade or two, depending on the lenient, most implants necessitate to be replaced. While 300,000 women receive implants annually, 25,000 own them removed. "It's strictly a function of time," Frileck says.

4. "You'd be better bad spending this money on a good analyst."
Plastic surgery doesn't make you crazy, but those who hold had it, both men and women, are more probable to suffer from psychological problems. Several studies in the mid-1990s found that women who chose to get hold of breast implants be two to three times more likely to commit suicide; other studies own found that 20% of plastic surgery patients have undergone some form of psychological treatment."

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