I have a interview about my fiance' who have tested positive for HPV...?

My fiance's PAP in August 2006 reveiled some atypical cells and she tested positive for HPV. The gyno recommended a colposcopy. She have the colposcopy in October, and her after looking at the labs, the gyno told her they be just gonna view and see, and that she needed to have another PAP surrounded by 6 months.

In April, she had another PAP, and this time the doctor told her that she still have the HPV, but that her PAP came backbone normal. Again, the gyno told her to come rear legs for another PAP in 6 months.

So my put somebody through the mill is.what exactly does this all scrounging? I know quite a bit in the order of HPV by now, but still enjoy some questions. Is the gyno assuming that if her PAPs verbs to come back regular, that the HPV will go away on its own? Also, we enjoy been surrounded by a monogamous relationship for 2 years now, and she have been my merely sexual partner. Is the fact that we are have sexual contact with respectively other, albeit protected, preventing the HPV from going away? Thanks.

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HPV is the the standard designator for the virus that causes venereal wart and cervical dysplasia and cancer. While most people convey SOME sort of HPV (There are literally dozens of strains), only a few inflict cervical anomalies.

The watch and lurk method is a far less invasive method of dealing near this problem. The dysplasia that showed up in the first pap probably heal itself by the second pap OR the same patch of unexpected cells tested the first time be missed the second time. Being tested with a colposcope however lead me to believe that the dyplasia healed spontaneously (which does start from time to time).

The follow-up paps are VERY important, because if the abnormality show up repeatedly, your fiance's going to need further treatment.

HPV does NOT travel away; just similar to any other virus, it simply goes into a state of dormancy (just approaching the Herpes viruses - the ones that effect the STD, cold sores and Chicken Pox/Shingles). She may never have another episode or she may hold one or more that require surgical treatment. But only time will enlighten.

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Unfortunately, there is no set cure for HPV. So it won't go away. It appears to be preventable immediately with some unusual medication, but if someone is infected by it, it's there to stay.

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HPV can clear up by itself, you a moment ago have to acquire a PAP more often because women beside HPV are more at risk of getting cervical cancer. Hopefully all her PAPs from very soon on come back refusal. The positive result comes back if at hand are abnormal cell (squamous). So far so good, and every time nearby is a PAP with phenomenal results, she has to carry a colposcopy to make sure the peculiar cells are not cancerous. well brought-up luck.

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To my knowledge HPV dosent walk away. HPV causes Genital wart, Cervical Cancer etc. Disclaimer: results not typical for everyone, check with doctor blah blah blah. However it dosent step away it lays dormant which is what her OBGYN is trying to figure out; What stage is this at?

My friend have it (dont kill me *friends term goes here*) and the pretext why they check every 6 months is because they want to monitor any cell changes...but you know that...so what's the question?

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