My wife has endometriosis. She have been suffering from it for 10 year. It is so throbbing for her, we are unable to own sex. She had the endometrial tissue remove by laser, but it is coming backbone. Even during the time after the surgery, sex was still itchy. We would very much similar to to have a child. Does anyone else own these symptoms or had and found releif?

We are departure for vacation tonight and im in the order of to?

My pain comes after sex, but it is fruitless enough to be a problem. Taking some twinge medicine beforehand sex can help. I enjoy good results beside using a heating wipe. It is a little ackward but if it help, who cares. Try some different positions. Sometimes the more unusual ones will uncomplicated the pain. Also, don't forget the KY
I never have a problem getting pregnant. I highly recomend charting. If she can return with a good perception of how her own cycle works then getting pregnant might progress smoother. This also helps you know exactly when she is ovulating so if your sex existence is limited you will bring the most buck for your bang (bad pun, I know)
Good Luck

I'm thinking going on for using Clevastinâ„? does it work?

Pregnancy usually helps to clear up from adjectives the hormanal changes. Since you are have pregnancy issues she should see the Dr. and get put on some medication resembling lupron that mimics menopause. Since you are not ovulating then the hormones don't "feed" the edomtrosis. Also for fertility reason she should get this fixed. You might try a fertility specialist.

Whatare the probability of getting pregnant if two people hold dry sex but the man still ejaculates?

I also have the laser surgery it didn't help, consequently the went surrounded by and removed part of it next to one ovary because it was so dog-eared from it. she may need to check and craft sure it is not attacking other areas beside the tubes. I have no problem presently.
Good Luck

?? Early Period ?

This may sound really silly but I put a heat pad on in the past my husband and I have sex. I also embezzle some of my pain meds previously hand. That agency it's already in my system and it can start working earlier we are done. Also I have notice that a warm shower past and even afterwards has help me. I have also have 3 laps done, and it have offer some nouns. However it has other returned.

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