Why would a woman with fibroids next to no symptoms have to enjoy a hysterectomy?

I know a girl that was diagnosed next to fibroids about 10 yrs ago. She have no symptoms except she says she can not own kids because her uterus is out of shape due to the fibroids. She also say that her doctor told her she needed a hystercetomy but she talked him out of it. She be in her mid-30s when diagnosed. I thought you could still own kids with fibroids unless you be having really discouraging symptoms.

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Obviously she was have really bad symptoms if her uterus is in poor condition.

The doctor probably wanted to do a hysterectomy as a preventative device. Of course it is always the tolerant's choice. But her fibroids might grow even more and she might have to own the hysterectomy in the adjectives.

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Your friend was smart by not listen to the Quack.As long as you`re not in torment or bleeding excessivly,you dont need a hysterectomy.Never consent to a doctor cut on you unless you get a second judgment

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