Has anyone else out nearby ever had a messed up tubal ligation ( tubes tied)?

About two years ago, I went contained by to get my "tubes tied". The proceedure started, as planned (meanwhile, I dozed off). Next entity I knew, I be told to "wake up, you're proceedure have complications and the Dr. ( annonomous) had to stern out of it." My cervix would not dialate so he forced a tool through it ( called a proct dialor, I believe.). When he did this, he accidently tore my uterine bin liner and it started to bleed, so he stopped the proceedure at this point. I'm not quite sure why he said my cervix wouldn't dialate (since I newly had a newborn 10 weeks prior with no problems at adjectives!)
Well, I just saw a brand new Dr. who has agreed to do this proceedure and have thoroghly checked me and told me my cervix did not appear to be "tightly stenotic", as quoted in my medical charts from the ultimate Dr.. This means, a cervix that does not dialate AT ALL. Has anyone ever have this issue? Should I have considered this a lawsuit??

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my tubes be tied but done laprascopically. I wouldn't recommend it as i ended up beside extremely painful period and a hysterectomy 4 years later.

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