Have you ever heard of such a item...three breast lumps developing in two weeks?

I need some recommend from women with experience. I have bloody discharge from my left breast, so I go to the doctor. At the initial exam, she found no lumps in that breast, but found two in my right, which she thought were glandular and not alarming. A example of the discharge was sent to the lab and my prolactin plane was tested. I also have a mammogram that came put money on clear. When I went backbone a week later for followup, a third, highly large (1x3cm) lump be found laying resting on my rib which was not at hand before. The discharge showed exceptional cells and my prolactin plane is normal. I followup near a surgeon on Monday.
Last night I found two more lumps...one contained by each breast, for a total of four within my right and one in my not here breast. (It's been smaller quantity than a week since my last exam.) Those areas are bleeding at times, like their growing is stretching the tissues around it, but the lump itself is not uncomfortable.

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Confused With Whats Happening?

First, don't get anxious.I come from a family full of breast cancer survivors. 80% of adjectives breast lumps are benign. I've had to catch a mammo every year since I was 19. In October the found lumps within my left breast. Didn't show up on my mammo. Talked to a surgeon everything. Come to find out they be just firm glands. Listen although research have come along way its still not in that yet for breast cancer. Sometimes cancer is aggressive, breast cancer cell grow more swift in pregnant women, and elder (lower immune). Just remember to follow up and keep a horizontal head.Finding lumps hasty is scary but on the medical side its polite. If it is small tumors, doesn't mean it is cancer. I know that sounds crazy but its true. It could be lately fibrocystic changes, can lead to lumps and discharge. Not cancer. Intraductal papillomas, growths in the breast tissue can do alike. But breast cancer isn't going to pop up over night. Its resembling a snowball effect. It grows overtime then you can finally get the impression them when they are live pea size. You will be fine just stay unemotional.

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No , You are have multiple breast abcesses. Get your blood sugar tested.

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I have no perception what this might be, but you need to achieve back to your doctor again forthwith.

You poor thing - this must be a tremendously stressful time for you. I wish you adjectives the best.

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time4myn answered this give somebody the third degree very other so listen to her. I think she covered al the basis. Good luck and think positive!!

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There is one neoplastic (cancerous) condition that is similar to this; it is not the usual item we call "breast cancer", but it is serious. There are several other possible cause for rapidly formed, bleeding lumps, none of them short concern. The pathologist will let your doctor know what the contents of these lumps are. If you hold been referred to a surgeon, the pathology report be cause for concern. The surgeon will explain, better than anyone on Yahoo, what you are facing and what you can do give or take a few it. The only proposal possible without in actuality looking at the specimens and the pathology report is, "do not waste any time." If it is the worst valise, prompt surgery may be the only unsystematic to save your enthusiasm.

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