Endometriosis.. ?

I am only 14 but I construe I may have Endometriosis. I own lots of the symptoms - Heavy bleeding, painful cramps, i grain very sick , and dizziness. This is adjectives when Im on my period. Do u dream up I have it ? And if u touch sick on ur period is it with the sole purpose supposed to last a time? coz i feels sick for resembling.. 5.!!

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Studies show that as many as 70% of teenagers beside chronic pelvic pain and prickly periods have Endometriosis as proven by laparoscopy. Other reports state that the majority of patients with Endo experienced the stomach-ache and symptoms of the disease as an adolescent. Don't be a statistic (an average of 9 yrs. of suffering beforehand an actual diagnosis was rendered surrounded by the overall Endo population is too long to wait!); if you are concerned, conspicuously see your gynecologist to discuss the matter. You will also want to check out this group and the sundry free resources and materials in the filebank in attendance:


While it could be something other than Endometriosis and one and only surgery can tell for sure if it is within fact Endo, your symptoms are consistent near Endo. Either way, you do not stipulation to suffer. You are not alone; help is out nearby. Good luck and best wishes.

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Sounds resembling you are having a rock-hard time with your interval and not Endometriosis, but I an not an expert. I had it when I be younger, in my twenties. You will eventually grow out of it. I have stabbing pains in the ovaries. You get defect tissue on your ovaries and when you are on your period, you bleed through the scar. It lasted a daylight or two and the pain be really severe. My doctor wanted me to own a hysterectomy but I thought I might want more children, so I did not. I just suffered and took discomfort meds the Doctor prescribed.
You do need to draw from yourself checked out. If you have not be to a OB/GYN yet, I would construe now is the time. Don't agree to this go on. It could be Endometriosis or something more severe. Get an fully developed to go next to you. Some doctors can be intimating. Good luck!

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It doesn't sound similar to you have endo. Cramps associated beside endo are not like regular menstrual cramps. It is sharp strain in the tummy that is not relieved by any medication, use of a heating wipe or change contained by position. The pain doesn't come and jump like cramps, it is a constant throbbing. Pain associated with endo can be crippling. So much so that you cannot totter.

As you get elder, your period should lessen contained by volume and in cramp. Talk to your doctor about medication that can relief eleviate your pain.

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