Is the HPV vaccine helpful if you won't be have sex until you're married?

Is HPV spread almost entirely through sexual contact? I'm completely absinent and won't be having sex until I'm wearing a matrimony ring. Is there any point to getting this vaccine? Because I'd really a bit not inject another foreign substance into my body.

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it is spread from skin to skin contact not merely sexually so it will still protect you from getting hpv say on your hand and then spreading it to other parts of your body.and to other family.and what if the person you marry have it?you still need to protect yourself.

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The vaccine is too new to know how long it will remain successful. It can't hurt - but you should know your partners history for patent reasons.

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You will know for a reality if you haven't had sex but can you be sure your partner have not had any form of sexual/physical contact that could end in them to get the virus? Whether or not you desire to get the vaccine, you should still be making sure you enjoy a regular pap smear after starting sex to be sure.

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Yes. the vaccine is most effective at preventing HPV when you enjoy not had any exposure to the disease nonetheless. Once you have have sex and have have even one or two partners you are plausible to have be exposed since so many citizens have it. Thats why they are trying to push the vaccine to youthful girls, to get them back they have have sex. The older someone is, and the more partner they have the smaller amount likely it is to be any give support to. This is the best time for you to get it. I need I would have done it long ago. I havent have many partner but I got it, and it have caused me to hold high position abnormal cell on my cervix that were precancerous. I have to have full on laser surgery (put to sleep and everything) to gain rid of them. I've also been to the gyno at least possible 7-8 times a year for the past 2 and a partially years or so because of these recurring problems. It's best to go and get it.


No you don't need it, you call for to do a little research on vaccines in the past you start getting unnecessary ones. This vaccine is so new you own know idea what it could do to you subsequent in go.
try this site for some info

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The with the sole purpose HPV vaccine currently in marketing is Gardasil. The second Cervarix, is currently in clinical trials.

It is only available to childlike women aged 11-26, as young as 9 years ripened. It may keep them from this virus formerly they have have sexual intercourse.

Some study show the vaccine offers 100% protection against the cervical pre-cancer and genital wart casued by hpv type virus with no side effect. Of the 120 certain hpv type, 37 types are known to sexual transmitted disease.

The vaccine is relatively new to the marketing. You want to take self-educated and do more researchs.

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