Endometriosis and polycystic ovaries and fertility?

This isnt a question. I freshly wanted to administer hope to anyone else that suffers from the above, as I have for ten years. I hold had operation, laser treatment and god knows how lots different kinds of hormones to try and control symtoms, distress and bleeding or lack of bleeding. And hurrah I am pregnant - short the use of any fertility meds. So to all the ladies out at hand - miracles happen! x

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Mon you must be so over the moon..Now you must cart care of yourself and hold a good diet as endometreosis robs the body of most of it's nutrition.

My Daughter have suffered like you for years but finally at her final attempt at IVF she became pregnant near the result of a baby boy.

I need you all the best to you and thank you for giving hope to thousands of women who suffer equal as you.

I don't know if you read the article in the concluding weeks tuesday edition of the Daily Mail about diet and nutrition to treat endometreosis. If you can seize hold of a copy it is well worth reading.

Meantime though at ease days.

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Congratulations! You truly have reason to have fun.


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Aw congrats Hun, i too own Endometriosis but was also lucky i have twins 9 years ago so hey it can happen other stay hopeful x
Good Luck with your up to date baby x

I started my term on the 13th of januray its now the 16th of feburay and it still hasnt come! whats wrong?

I enjoy polycystic ovaries and had a daughter by IVF and next six months later found myself pregnant in need any help BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
Well done, and delight in

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That is so wonderful. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival.

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I suffer from the same and its great to hear a nouns story. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. :-D

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hugest congratulations to you both. i enjoy Endometriosis to. it took me 2 years of being poked and prodded next to all kind of crappy tests. finally after thinking it would never transpire we had a superb little baby girl call Mia. she is our special little angel. wish you adjectives the best for you and your family sweety xx

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What a blessing. Congratulations! http://www.thomasmedical.com

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