Endometriosis, Do You Know Anyone beside it?

Or do you have it?

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OMG! That is a taboo word in my house. I have it for 20 some odd years. It's the worst. I finally have a hysterectomy about 7 years ago and it's the best entry ever. I don't know how old you are but you should definately bring it checked and kept track of. There are shots that can be given, but in the terminate, surgery is the best. I finally got my energy pain free.

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Yes, my cousin has it and be diagnosed about 10 years ago. She have gone on to have two relaxed, healthy children but suffers greatly of pain.

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Endometriosis is a adjectives health problem contained by women. It gets its cross from the word endometrium, the tissue that lines the uterus (womb). Very serious.

Very painful menstrual cramps,Pain next to periods that get worse over time,Chronic pain surrounded by the lower back and pelvis
Pain during or after sex,Intestinal niggle,Painful bowel movements or painful urination during menstrual period.

Heavy and/or long menstrual periods
Spotting or bleeding between period
Infertility (not being competent to get pregnant)

Women near endometriosis may also have gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, constipation, or bloating, especially during their period.

Has this happened to anyone else?

i dont know much something like it but my wife had that. she have lots of problems and tried lots of remedies. she ended up have a hysterectomy and has regretted it ever since and said she would own put with the niggle rather that hold a hysterectomey .

It's 5:00am. I cant sleep so I've been watching TV for hours. My hand started to feel close to a tingling,

they found a patch on my intestines when I had a hysterectomy for scratchy periods and they burned it out chemically.

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I did know someone beside it, she was contained by so much pain that she couldn't stroll, let alone sleep or work.
She wound up have a hysterectomy and has never feel better.
Hope this helps and honest luck.

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Yes I own it

I had an operation finishing October to remove it but it has come pay for after only 6 months so I am have a hysterectomy on 14th May.

If it is treated medically then you can hold a re-occurence in 6-12 months but if you hold it treated surgically then it should be 12-18 months but mine come back precipitate.

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i've got PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) its outstandingly similiar

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According to the ERC and the EA, nearly 89 million women and girls around the world suffer from Endo - and those are just the ones who own received an actual (surgical) diagnosis. That stat says zilch about those who enjoy it but have not received a diagnosis for one idea or another. Endo is one of the most common diseases out at hand, yet society (and the medical community for the most part) still know so little about it. It does not receive the confession, awareness, advocacy, research funding, and attention the women and girls suffering from it need and deserve.

There is a great, free group for women and girls who hold or may think they hold Endo for support and education, which you might be interested in checking out:


There are over 3400 participant on that one board alone. There are other internet Endo communities out there as economically.

As an aside, PID (endometritis) is nothing at adjectives like Endometriosis. PID is an infection; Endometriosis is a chronic and incurable (and commonly debilitating) disease. Also, hysterectomy is not an absolute cure for Endo (though it does relieve some women).

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I found out 6 years ago this July that I suffer from Endo. I am also a partaker of 2 groups on Yahoo Groups who deal w/ Endo, and the side effects of this complaint, and day to time life. I hold found these 2 groups to be a life depositor. Before I found them, I felt alone w/ my virus, but since I have become a contributor of the groups I have found others who hold dealt w/ duplicate issues as me. And I know if I am having a fruitless day that I can post a message to the group and know that someone is other there to listen to me vent or in recent times be a shoulder to cry on.

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Yes a upright friend of mine had it years ago.

Symptoms: severe abdominal headache, vaginal discharge, and a low-grade fever. Not an STD. Diagnosis?

Yes me.. I am due to dance into hospital and have a hysterectomy on 20th June. I go in to hospital first and have a Laparoscopy as the doctors thought i only have a small area that be attached to my bowel, but it turned out i was covered within it so needed to have a hysterectomy (which come as a bit of a shock) I am due to have it done keyhole surgery, so hopefully will mute my recovery time. Not sure what to do give or take a few HRT tho! Hope this helps and doesn't terrify you. Take care

Miscarraige misadvice? Dr. said uterus would expell everything on its own. Is that true?

its slightly common i enjoy it and my mom has it. im solely 22 and they put me on injections to stop it but every gyno does things differently. ask your doctor they will explain it all.
Take contemplation chick. i know how it feels.

This is alike question i basically ask but maybe i necessitate ask it differently. If your not a virgin are you still?

I have endo, a severe and agressive luggage. I have suffered beside it for my entire adult existence.

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