Can Endometriosis be found in the kidney or liver?

I enjoy endo. I found out on 7/05, after many doctor visit and going into debt. Anyways, again I am having issues. I enjoy always have this growing pain within my upper Right side. It has be there for nearly 8 years now. But immediately the pain have taken over my whole right side(upper and lower). I hold had every interview, gallbladder, stones, ultrasounds, CT scans, you baptize it I have have it. I have be to so many doctors, and they in recent times don't know what could be causing the niggle. I just procure sent to the next doctor(while getting the look of this is adjectives in your head), hang about a long time for the appointent, only to be told they can't find anything. Please support, I am in discomfort, and it is driving me crazy. In 11/05 they did say my liver have two fatty spots on it, but I did not need to verbs about this. Help!!

Where can I find this?

Absolutely. It have been documented on virtually every organ, up to and including the brain and the lungs. Surgical intervention is needed to diagnose and locate the implant (and more importantly, remove them), as CT scans/MRIs/U/S can rarely see them. Insist on getting the support you need and consider seeing a specialist if you run into a motionless end near your current medical team. Such places are located throughout the country, including the following Endo treatment centers:

Also check out this referral board for someone who might be apt at treating Endo in your local area:

Good luck to you; you're not alone.

I am getting married and I am getting birth control pills . . .?

Yes Endo can be found in the kidneys. I know because backbone in Dec of 06 I have to have my kidney doctor do a compass to look at not only my kidneys but my bladder to see if any Endo implant were here. Lucky for me there be NO implants contained by either organ, but that still hasn't help my doctors control the pain. I enjoy been dealing w/ Endo for almost 6 years. I too hold been to every doctor here surrounded by town and also in St. Louis MO and even Chicago IL. I own been on every concerned of Birth Control pills, patches, shots, surgeries, more pills, more surgeries to try and bring back my pain underneath control. I do know how you feel. Have you see a Urologist yet? If not I would suggest you see one and enjoy a scope done to check your kidneys. When I have mine it did cause some cramping, but since we thought (the doc and myself) it would raison d`¨ētre cramping they had discomfort meds on standby when I woke up.

Good Luck.

You might also be interested in a Yahoo health group. I enjoy found 2 groups for members to ask question and talk just about what is going on, and get comfort from others suffering from this disease along w/ another group that you can ask about clear in your mind doctors in your nouns.

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