Endometriosis and Lupron Depot?

I have be taking Lupron Depot for 6 months now, and thinking nearly another 6 month cycle. I have suffered for 10+ years near endometriosis, and being discomfort free these last 6 months have been a BIG nouns. OK, so I'm a little irritable and could prudence less nearly sex (me, who HAD to have it at least possible once a day, and what is an orgasam again?)

I be just wondering if anyone out at hand has anything positive from their experience near this disease and the treatments available. I am still in child beraing age, and would similar to the possibility of having another child (even when I consistency like wringing my 14 year mature's neck...lol...)

IS in attendance life out in that.

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Here's my story, I was diagnosed properly with endometriosis within 2003. I beleive I had it adjectives along but it started to affect my daily life span in 2001, during my pregnancy. I chased for two years for a diagnosis, I'm sure your au fait with the run around and hassle that go next to that.. and finally got a doctor to do a diagnostic knees. so I got the nouns. and sure enough it be what I had suspected adjectives along--- Endo. She didn't treat it because she felt that doing so wouldn't do any righteous. and it's a good entity that she didnt because she definately wasn't qualified. (which I'll explain why in a moment) so now I have a diagnosis I did tons of research, spent countless hours on the internet reading through hundreds of research articles and personal experiences about endo. I talk with lots of endo sufferers and looked into adjectives the options. My doctor put me on bcp's which I know weren't going to do a thing (I be already on those and they didn't help) after reading up on the options I arranged against lupron. Too many long possession negatives for short possession relief. But I know I had to do something because I be surviving on vicodin and tylenol to get me out of bed and to support me go to sleep at darkness and that was inauguration to fail me. I be a shell of the person I be before. I couldn't relish any of the things I used to. So, after all my research and conversation with different nation, I decided on excision, subsequent I had to pick the surgeon. I chose someone who is particular nationally and happen to be only 3 hours away. So I call and did a few consultations over the phone and decided to set up surgury next to Dr. Cook. But I would have to linger 6 months before my insurance would remuneration any of it. So I decided to thieve seasonale during that time to try and help me cope surrounded by the meantime. It did help more than freshly regular bcp's and it was wonderful to one and only have a length every 4 months. Surgury was on september 9th 2004 and endo be removed from the sigmoid colon, both ureturs, pelvic wall, and a few various other places spread in the pelvic nouns. There was if truth be told endo and scar tissue wrapped around the sigmoid colon and adhere it to the pelvic wall. In my original diagnostic knees. my previous gyn had said that my right ovary be covered in defect tissue, when actually, both my ovaries be completely healthy no endo or blemish tissue anywhere on them so if she had removed the endo from my "ovary" or tried to remove that "ovary" (which be actually my sigmoid colon)since it be so badly covered, she could enjoy been trying to remove constituent of my bowels! Causing bowel contents to spill into the abdomen which may hold killed me. But anyway, since the afternoon of september 9th 2004 (after my surgery) I hold been free of endometriosis torment. this september will be 3 years and it has be wonderful. I was competent to have another child and be able to return to the physically involved life that I have before endo rear it's ugly skipper. So that's my story, I appologize for how long it is (and this is the condensed version!) but gratitude for reading this far and I hope that it helps within some way.

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I purely started on the Lupron Depot 2 months ago. I have questions- how long did you hold bleeding with the shot?
My GYN say this is normal and can ending for several months.
At first mine was a short time ago spotting now it is close to a normal interval, minus the severe endo pain. I be diagnosed with Endometriosis surrounded by January after being told for more afterwards a year that I had mental issues that be causing my severe backache each month. The docs exact words be that "all menstraul dull pain that women have are surrounded by their heads"! He finally agreed to a pelvic ultrasound and we found two masses on both my ovaries. He referred me consequently to a GYN.
I've only see her 3 times, once for a consult, then a laproscopy consequently for my Lupron. Then has be no follow up to see if the endo has stopped spreading or be else it is.
Do you have leg torment from were they give you the shot? My hip and leg hurt on the side I had the spot on. And do you enjoy headaches? I own severe migraines almost every other day. I have migraines before but not this frequently.
as for the side affects, so far it's a moment ago leg pain, headache and the bleeding. My sex drive hasn't decreased, but I am moodier and hold had a few hot flashes. Thanks for listen and hopefully answer my questions too. Sorry I couldn't anwer yours.

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I own been suffering from Endo for a LONG time. I be mis diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, appendicitis(which lead to that being removed), and a turn muscle contained by my abdomen. It wasn't until Feb. of this year that i own actually be diagnosed with endo.
I enjoy heard passageway too many horror stories in the order of people on Lupron. Way more gloomy stuff than positive. So, i decided to progress all intuitive. No pain pills or injections or anything(while still underneath the safe supervision of my gyn).
Deep tissue squeeze, acupuncture, and yoga have help me significantly. These things take time to start working, so in the imply time i took a hot bath every darkness, drank hot tea, and practiced relaxation to help me bring rid of the pain.
I own run into skepticism about my method of dealing with the pain- but again- its my channel. It may not work for you, but before you verbs with a stern chemical in your body- at most minuscule try going natural for a while. I also want to own children soon and i do not want to put anymore unnatural things into my body. Give it a try and you may be pleasantly surprised!

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