Sex Drive gone at 21.?

Im a 21 year old womanly who ise getting married in Septemeber. I have completely lost my sex drive, i own no urge for it and when i do, it is usually during my period. Im getting worried as i wont know how to enjoy my honeymoon as i should do. I enjoy a self image issue at the moment, could this be the aim for why i am uncomfortable doing it? I have sex last week for the first time contained by about 3 months - i have a simultaneous orgasm with my fiance and it be perfect, but in a minute i have no urge to try again! Whats wrong next to me?

Am I having a mini O?

Body statue problems often contribute to a denial of sexual desire. You may also have a lowered concentration of testosterone contained by your system. Try consulting your physician or seeing a certified sex therapist if it truly bothers you.

QuesTION ??

you are anyone lazy, the more sex you have- the difficult your sex drive goes, so get up up and get on beside it, or you will smell the coffee when he leaves you for some one with a bit more Get up and shift.

I had a trans vaginal scan?

Are you on birth control? A lot of times absolute birth controls can lower your urges for sex. Maybe you could try talking to you doctor to see if you can seize a lower hormone pill. Good luck!

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