In inevitability of an Orgasm?

Women Could you elaborate on that please.

My interval is a week early for the 2d time is this ordinary?

In other words...when a women has an orgasm in attendance are endophens released that calm her and gross the feeling of exuberance come to her, it also realeases hormones that help the complexion and disconcerted system so that she is able to concordat with such rediculous question...hehehe...hope it helps..

Can you receive pregnant whilst being on the pill?

if one of my previous question got delete for being "inappropriate" even though it be a valid question, i reflect on this crap should be too.

Could it be his size?!?

your a turd
thanks for the 2 points

Y do we grasp cramps?

I agree with the statement above.

Is this usual?

get a girlfriend

Do boobs feel resembling sandbags?


whats wrong with your mitt?

btw thanks for the points!

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