What is HPV,and how do you get it?What are the make happen of it?

Thank you for answering the question and human being so helpful!

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Human Papilloma Virus...it can effect cervical cancer. I'm not sure how someone can get it. I be always below the impression that it be sexually trasmitted...

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You can catch it many heaps ways. I have even hear from hottubs. It is very adjectives and a lot of nation have it and don't even know.

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why dont you just type within on the general YAHOO SEARCH engine "HPV" you will come up near a MILLION or BILLION links to websites with so much information almost HPV that you wont know what to do with . There are already close to 500 questions something like HPV on womenanswers.org.. *sigh*..
but whatever its a shitty disease and i enjoy it and i will have it forever. newly dont get it. use protection, thats adjectives i can say <3

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HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. It is incredibly adjectives and can be passed through sexual contact. It is estimated that about 80% of the sexually involved population has contracted HPV at some time. Most cases clear on their own, and the personage never knows they even have it. There are over 100 strains of HPV, and a few can cause genital wart. Only a couple strains, if left untreated, can develop into cervical cancer for women. The inoculation Gardisil was created to protect childlike women against the major strains of HPV.
But something to remember: HPV is an STI (sexually transmitted infection), not an STD (sexually transmitted disease). Though nearby is no cure, it can be effectively treated by identifying it precipitate.

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HPV is called Humanpappiloma Virus. There are oodles different ways to catch it including have too many sex partner or having sex beside men who are uncircumcised. If you have it please bring it cured because if you don't, it could lead to cervical cancer latter on in energy. I'm not telling you something I've hear, I'm telling you what I know. I evolve to be a HPV survivor. I had to return with my cervix Scraped.

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hpv is human papillomavirus. it is a VERY common STD. near are many types some of which can effect cervical cancer if not treated by your ob/gyn. it is newly another way of wise saying genital warts. you can hold the type that causes the wart and you can have the sort that dont. either one can be transferred to your partner so you inevitability to use protection (condoms) every time you have sex. you can travel years and years and years and NEVER have an outbreak. if by prospect you are one of the un lucky ones then you enjoy to go to your dr and own them removed. they look like small head of cauliflower and they will itch and burn it is uncomfortable.
dont consent to it get to you too much it is VERY VERY adjectives.. if you were diagnosed by your pap smear consequently there are a couple different level of it

ASCUS- this is the lowest grade. next to this one you have to enjoy a repeat papsmear every 3 mths. i know that seems approaching a long time but it takes that long for the cell to re grow on your cervix.
LGISL-mid grade beside this one you may need a procedure call a colpo which is where they will pinch a small piece of your cervix past its sell-by date and send it rotten for testing
HGSIL- high order this one is a little more serious. this is the one that COULD turn into cancer over copious many yrs if departed untreated. this is tested by burning a small piece of your cervix and sending it for testing.

i hope this help.. dont get so upset over it... it is VERY VERY adjectives... i believe they say very soon that 1 in 4 women between the ages of 14-25 enjoy this.

just whip it as a lesson learned and use condoms every time


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