Pregnant by abusive Boyfriend...have abortion but I have a put somebody through the mill...?

ok i had a abortion and hide it from him.i was planning to bestow him and didnt want him to know i was pregnant...i also didnt know what his repercussion to an abortion would be...i was competent to convince him that i wasnt feeling perfect for a while so when i didnt sleep with him for 2 weeks i blamed it on a impossible period...and i have just started my birth control again...(i messed up on the end time thats how i got pregnant.) i couldnt win away with it anymore...and yes the sex be unprotected...he wouldnt have gone for that. I tried to use a today sponge...he feel it...I explained that i had messed up on my bc and he be ok with that...anyways its a moment or two over 3 weeks after the abortion and im still getting a positive result on the preg test...i be on my first week of bc and i went and get a morning after pill but i took the 2nd pill 3 hours you can let somebody know im a mess...BUT i left a few days ago...and this is the end thing i be pregnant again...what do u guys think?

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Well for starters its a good entity that you left him but i would contribute it another weak or 2 to cart a test do you could still have the horomones surrounded by your body from the abortion. But i would definitely be more alert with sex since you don't want a toddler right now.

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go stern to the doctor and tell him that the testing is still showing posisitive, he may not of done the abortion right.

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after an abortion its possible to enjoy preganacy hormones still in your body, thats why you might be getting the positive pregnancy try-out results. The best way is to shift to the doctor and get a blood assessment done, they are the most reliable because they are much more accurate that a stick test. If you are pregnant, its your choice what you do hunn :)
I hope everything works out for you, In my honest assessment, I don't think you are pregnant, but check beside a doctor to be 100% certain.

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Definitely go wager on to the doctor or clinic. You need to be more sure than a home try-out can tell you. Blood test are better.

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Don't GO back, check yourself into a battered women's shelter if you don't do it for yourself do it for the children you might stripped,
you can't keep abort children because this A-hole can't keep it hand to himself, the same entity happened to me, but I DON"T believe within Abortions so know I have a kid with
SERIOUS BIRTH DEFECTS and MENTAL RETARDATION, because my husband rhythm me soo bad
LEAVE honey and if you have no where on earth to go E-mail me and we will work something

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hCG, the hormone that indicates pregnancy, is present for several weeks after the fetus is removed or you enjoy given birth. If you are worried, find a planned parenthood or county clinic for a free blood pregnancy experiment. Good luck.

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Abortion is not a choice it's a trouncing heart. I feel wretched for you because in years to come you will own mental issues to overcome as you mature plenty to realize you have kill your baby. May God hold mercy on you when you face your judgement morning.

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i agree beside person beforehand me

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Firstly, you should not hold to hide an abortion. It is your reproductive freedom to wish when to have a child. Secondly, return with out of this relationship hon. It is real doomed to failure news! I meditate you know it.

Don't freak about the possibility of anyone preggo - hey, it may cost you a couple of hundred bucks more, but take some misopristol and you will be okay. Nothing to it. All is apposite and tomorrow is a new hours of daylight! Hope you feel better.

Good luck!

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