Can you catch pregnant after a tubal ligation (Clamp)?

My doctor only placed a clamp (plastic ring) on my tubes. This be done two years ago. I have hear that this is the worse one to have. Is that true? Can I still capture pregnant just as graceful w/out it? Thanks for your help

Does anyone know the % rate of this one?

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It happens more so from this procedure than if the tubes be cut and tied.

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It is possible to become pregnant after tubal ligation. However, the chance of pregnancy is exceptionally slim (less than 1%).

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It is possible, but unlikely.

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That's the type that I enjoy and it has be effective...12 years since it be done and not once have I gotten pregnant. I'd read out it works just fine.

In view, this method is reversible. There is no guarrantee that you would be able to get hold of pregnant if you had the clamp taken bad (scarring) but you would have a haphazard.

Remember...I said "in theory".

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I have hear of people getting pregnant after tubal ligation, but I don't know the statistics.

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