Menopause! What are the symptoms?

What are the signs of the starting of menopause? I'm 46 and have be spotting (3 times in the last 8 days)thinking that me time of year is starting as it should be in a week or two,. Then it stops.
Any help would be appreciated?!?!?

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Oh boy! Well, I am 52, and have be having symptoms for give or take a few 10 years. Initially, my period started individual erratic. I was as a rule very regular, 4 days long. Then I started have worse cramps, and heavier periods beside alot of clotting. This went on for almost 2 years. Then it would be heavy one month, continuing 8-9 days, then the subsequent month, very restrained and maybe 3-4 days. As time progressed, it would budge to every other month, and finally about 2 years ago, it would call a halt altogether for 5-6 months, start one month, and stop again for 6 months. It has presently been a year since my second one. I have solely recently started near the night sweats, and hot flashes.

Each women is different within what they experience with menopause. Sometimes a inherited history is helpful. (Unfortunately my mom passed away when I be 21, so I didn't get that opportunity). It sounds approaching you may be in "peri-menopause, or pre-menopause. The library have some good books on it. I hold been trying to find one by Suzanne Sommers to be precise supposed to be very dutiful and informative.

I hope you have someone contained by your life who is concerned and supportive during this time. My idiotic husband think that my menopause is to blame for everything that goes wrong within our!

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hot sweaty flashes and no more period

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You can read adjectives sorts of good info on menopause here:

You can also be in motion to your doctor and they can do an FSH blood test, as long as you're not using hormone supplements (BCPs, hormone psychiatric help, etc). Its a good track to know if you are approaching menopause and if so, how far along you are.

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Erratic periods, mood swings, dark sweats, hot flashes, less lubrication when sexually excited. If you guess you are starting perimenopause then why not hail as your doc and ask if he will order a hormone experiment for you to see where you are right immediately.

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Menopause symptoms - incredibly few doctors give their patients a complete record of menopause symptoms. And besides symptoms of menopause, there are premenopause symptoms and perimenopause symptoms.

Why not?
Well... first, it's a long account, to be sure. And a woman's time in a doctor's organization could get vastly long indeed if she asked about even newly a few of the symptoms of menopause. Whatever the reason, here's a full enumerate of the premenopause, perimenopause and symptoms of menopause. You may want to take a moment to consider respectively one, as some are very subtle and own no real outward symptoms.

For others, you may be experiencing some of them and make out them immediately. Of course, some of these symptoms of menopause can be related to other strength issues besides hormone imbalance.

But suprisingly, EACH of the menopause symptoms shown here CAN be related to hormone lack of correspondence, poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, poor part sleep, exposure to household chemicals, environmental toxins, synthetic hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills and stress.

And some women hold some of these menopause symptoms and simply shrug them off as "today's problem" and do nought. If you have one or more of these menopause symptoms, you inevitability to re-evaluate your health situation!

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menopause has copious symptions: hot flashes, night sweats and also the stopping of ur period but it wud be better to consult ur family dr.

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