Medical record filled beside errors.?

i had surgery to remove a cyst from my right ovary, expecting of late two incisions but after the surgery i had four incisions around my lower tummy. i compensated to get my medical chronicles from the hospital to find out why and they had made numerous errors through the paperwork. i don't know what to do now because i want some answers and the hospital is not recounting me them. can i claim compensation even though i've only get a few bits of paperwork to back me up. the operation changed everything in the order of my life and i want the truth.

Please please please HELP!?

What did the docs relate you after the operation? Do you understand what is contained by your chart (i.e. Medical Terminology)? If you don't have you be able to read it and 'look it up' on the network? Most doctors these days don't even remember what happen, so if the notes don't read out much, then you are up a creek short a paddle so to speak. Also, did you net sure to get a DOCTOR'S Copy of your chart? This physicians copy, includes adjectives your labs and the diagnosis of your cyst (like benign blah blah)?

From what I understand, to sue any doctor or hospital, you must PROVE they acted outside the standard protocol for your condition.

I have my own experience with inept medical assistance and that's what my attorney told me.

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I am guessing that your surgery was done laparoscopically because of what you said nearly two and four incisions.

Some drs do just two incisions other drs may use four. I own had a dr that have 4 incisions to do laparoscopy and the dr I have in a minute only uses two.

The object that your dr may have put four incisions is because they needed to bring other instruments in to relieve get the cysts out.

Because of the issue near rise in cost of medical malpractice insurance as capably as so many frivilous lawsuits it is getting much harder to prove a luggage of malpractice.

Because there are errors surrounded by the chart I would recommend talking to the dr that did your surgery by letting him/her know that you are confused just about something that is within your chart.

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