The potential hood of dieing from HPV/Cervical Cancer?

Okay, so lets read aloud you are HPV postive (which I am not, I have be tested) what are the chances of you dieing because you hold cervical cancer? And what is this 5 year thing finding out you own cervical cancer? Something about how if you find out you own an extra 5 years living or something? If you find out early that you own cervical cancer what do they do and how much longer do you have to live?

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your in a madness I had cervical cancer fifteen years ago, I go into hospital got the lumps and bits removed and after five years of smear oral exam was givewn the adjectives clear, i was fine till a startle two years ago when I started bleeding between periods and thought it be back, but turned ouyt after second operation it be lumps on the scar tissue that made me bleed, own regular smear tests, know your body if something doesnt perceive right go yak to doc, they dont bite,

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The chances of you have cervical cancer is slim. However, if you do get it they will do a hysterectomy on you. I really suppose you are wasting a lot of pious worrying about nil. Feel better?

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This is kind of a complex problem. First of adjectives we rarely check for HPV because it is really common. There are strains that rationale the warts and strains that produce the cancer. We look for changes surrounded by the cells of the cervix. Cells can be conventional or abnormal or cervical cancer. Depending on how much time and progress has happen effects the treatment and whether or not you would have a dwindle amount of life to live. If it is found impulsive before it become cancer then it is removed and contained by many cases it is cured. Women capture subsequent checks to make sure they own no more abnormalities.

Go to the article below it answers lots of your questions:

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if you catch cervical cancer rash you can survive it for at least 5 yrs, if you dont stop it early you are going to die, cervical cancer is on the rise because girls are far more sexually influential earlier and beside far more partners than ever past, believe me it can kill, it kill my grandmother, i caught mine early and hold survived 20 years since the surgery, and my daughter is having to hold a very close eye on her situation because she have a few bad cell but they did the leep on her and it killed the cell off , but she have to have a pap every 6 months very soon.

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