Is it commonplace to have a sharp twinge...?

that seems to shot from the gone side on my body toward my middle adominal area when I orgasm?

Irregular term?

No, and I have have that happen. You probaly enjoy some kind of gyno prob. Mine turned out to be endometrios tissues growing unbridled. They can be removed surgically or you can birth control to stop the growth. I also had a cyst on my ovary removed. It adjectives sounds horrible,but it really wasn't no big deal. In the pause I had adjectives those parts taken out and have never have any problems since(ten years ago). I recommend that for total relief.

My girlfriend is contained by her second trimester. I would like some proposal on how to deal next to the mood swings.?

no. see a doctor

Anyone answer this ? my cycle is normal but this month i have a 1 day thickset cycle & spotting now cramping?

not ordinary...ask your doctor...there are no shameful questions..

Irregular still!?

No. Ask your gyn. just about endomitriosis

Can i grow taller?

Well first of all, sharp pain or any benign of pain IS NOT typical. Pain is a mechanism that your body uses to alert you that something is wrong although sometimes it may not be that disadvantageous. If I were you, I would travel see a urologist if you're a male or your gynecologist if you're a feminine, especially if you're noticing any bloody discharge or surrounded by your semen after ejaculation...

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