Orgasm what is it?

so... everyone talks give or take a few orgasms and well individually i dont know what an orgasm is supposed to feel resembling to a girl you man has have various and powerfully.. i wonder if i have ever have one...

You are girls, you think you could assistance me?

Orgasm is amazingly difficult to describe. The best I can do is say how to catch one. Masturbation is the primary method to find out what it's like, even if you don't have need of it much once you have a "real" sex energy. The orgasm is that hard pulsing of the muscles around the vagina that releases the pressure built up by the emotional state you generate when you masturbate (rub your clitoris, mostly), which usually means you stop doing it. It's properly call the "climax," because once you have an orgasm, you usually don't bother continuing to rub.

But here's something you may not know. If you save going, keep rubbing, sometimes you will enjoy a sort of "orgasm of orgasms," a real multiple (not merely additional) orgasm. And that's something a man can't enjoy: once he has an orgasm, his penis go soft and cannot have another for conceivably half an hour or more.

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You'd know it if you had one.

The marina coil?

It's any living article.


Never mind.

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If you have one you would know. Play with the clitoris until you it feel so good that you unquestionably can't take it anymore and consequently you will know what it feels approaching.

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you will know when you do!!

Odd Condom Question?

I agree near smiley, you would know if you ever had one, you become a totally different sure you enjoy your clitoris stimulated during intercourse.

Birth control?

It's the point when all the fun is over

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If you have one you would know.

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If you have to ask, you've never have one.

Seriously bad period every month?

ud deff. know if u had one. it merely feels so devout.

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you`d know when it happens its the best point you will ever have

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It's a few second of deep pleasure, but I still soak up shopping more!!

First Night With My Wife?

you need to find your G-spot,and hold your partner rub it as you rub your clitorous,I am trying not to get hurtful,you will know when you have one believe me!

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Basically the blood in your body rushing to your clitoris and consequently releases. It's the most amazing, mind-blowing feeling that you would know if you have one. Most people's back curl when they have an orgasm.

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you'll know if you do...your eyes twitch, your toes curl, and your legs shake lowest that's how i know i've had one

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an orgasm is when you manage climax

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