I am scheduled for a tubal ligation soon. I'm wondering how long can I expect to be sore & how fruitless will it be?

I am at the gym everyday, and as superficial as this may sound, I really am have second thoughts about the surgery, for the judgment that I won't be able to progress for a while, and I have three children I must look after day after day. I know the incision is very minimal, but will within be any damage to the muscle integrity in that nouns ?

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I'm going to assume that the incision is the "band-aid" type, where the surgeon will engender an incision in your belly button and near your public nouns. The incisions will be very small, typically requiring no stitches or staples but to some extent a band-aid.

You will feel a bit bloated after the surgery as your abdoment will be "inflated" trim to give the surgeon more room to spectacle your tubes and give more room to work. That will run away within 24 hours after your surgery.

The integrity of the abdominal muscles should not be compromised, but give somebody a lift it easy for 6 weeks to hand over your body time to heal. Increase your height of protein (not by much) as it promotes healing and muscle growth.

When I have my surgery in 1996, I have no trouble looking after 3 children in diapers, as well as a ten year outdated and three step-kids. Just don't do any heavy straining and ask your physician for further proposal regarding your salvage time and what activities are nontoxic and appropriate during that time.

Don't postpone the surgery if it's something you really want, the benefits are exceptional (no drugs for birth control) and the recovery time really isn't that discouraging.

Peace and good luck,


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My friend had this procedure and be back to her outmoded self after a week.

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I had a tubal in hours of my last confinement. Incision is very minimal, but I be more sore from the tubal than I was from the labor and conferral. When they do a tubal after a birth they say it is easier and smaller quantity invasive because the tubes are close to the surface. So you may experience more discomfort due to that. I think I wasnt' allowed to drive for 10 days afterwards. No muscle mischief that I am aware of - but after 3 kids who knows ?!
Also, I found out almost 2 years then from my regular dr that tubals can cause your period to be worse. I just thought it be because I had another babe so many years subsequently. She said it is one of those things they dont tell you..

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I had this done almost 11 years ago and the agony wasn't bad at adjectives. The only blemish I have is surrounded by my belly button. You'll be fine and will probably only be away from the gym for a week, I don`t know 2 at the most.

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