Orgasm -how to do it?

Whats the Easiet to achieve orgasm.I quality like I almost do come to the point next the feeling is gone or something. Just wondering if anyone have suggestions on have to realize it? I had an orgasm once a couple years ago & don't know how to do it again.:-p any Ideas?

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The best way I academic was by study how to achieve an orgasm by myself. I would suggest using a vibrator, one that you can insert and one for your clitoris. Try achieve orgasms in different positions. Once you own learned how your own body works, you can use one and the same sort of technique with your partner. If you call for to, incorporate the toys into your lovemaking. I know most men love this sort of thing. Have fun near it, and relax.

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hmmmmmmmm..sowy dunno!

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Just naturally.Do not force yourself.It will occur.

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are you immature? the older you take the more you realize as a woman that sometimes you have to swot how to "make yourself'' orgasm. move how you obligation to or ask for what you need.

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you can rub your clitoris until you carry out orgasm. you can also insert your fingers into your vagina(about 2 or 3 inches) and then curve your fingers close to you're calling someone over to feel for your gspot(which feel spongy). when pressure is applied to this spot it feels biddable and if done right can cause feminine ejaculation.(it may feel unexpected as it feels resembling you have to pee but dont verbs that's not what it is). if all else fail try a vibrator...they work GREAT

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Relax! Breathe... don't hold your breath. Put your mind in the spot, be in the moment. And loving the person you're beside may have something to do beside it... :o)

Sometimes being on top help too! ;o)

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There are two types. Clitoral and internal (with your 'g' spot). Having an internal orgasm is complex and while every woman's body is made to do it, sometimes it takes seriously more work than you're willing to put into it.

Try clitoral first. Use a vibrator, it's easier and your appendage wont get tired. Make sure the nouns is moist with lube, or anything else you might want to use ;-)
You'll start to feel what's right, what's great and what's not so great. If you're too embarassed to budge to a store and buy one, is a great site with totally discrete one will no know what it is.

If you want to jump for the G spot some people vote you can use your fingers but that doesn't work for me. I need to use two vibrators. I start by exciting myself, if you're not excited you wont find your gspot. Then I insert one and my item with it as you would assume, and use the other externaly. After some time you'll feel it. You own to 'go thoughtful' for the gspot.

It takes time though, sometimes I'll be within bed for 45minutes just 'playing around'

hold fun!

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two words:

shower massager

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u can enjoy an orgasm easily if you are mentally prepared for that. Ask your manly partner to insert his tongue ...and to move around near clit. It will manufacture you erosed properly . after some time when your but starts gyrating and starts demanding more and more ..and some strange sound starts coming from your mouth, body starts becoming stiff .. later your male partner should enter into you and do emphatically.. This will give you a great orgasm. Neither a vibrator nor any artificial device will relief.
Thanks and enjoy!

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when your getting to the point, breed sure you continue to breathe and it's a doozy if you do

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