Does anyone know what fibromyalgia is and what cause it?


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No one know exactly what fibromyalgia is or what causes it, but it's characterized by indiscriminate pain, sensitivity to touch, nonrestorative sleep, and various other symptoms. I believe in Dr. John Sarno's idea that it is a manifestation of what he calls Tension Myositis Syndrome, where on earth the body internalizes stress and actually deprives the muscles of oxygen. This oxygen deprivation cause the significant pain that fibromyalgia is made up of.

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Frybromyalga is chronic agony. They think it have to do with a trauma to the hindmost...It is very devastating...I have it.It can spawn your life a living HE!! . But the accurate news is in attendance are drugs that can help. It took 5 1/2 years for them to diagnose me but when they started treating me I be amazed...I didn't think I would ever have a feeling good again..

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HI, JANET my cross is ANGEL from Puerto Rico i see your question and I identify myself beside you because my uncle tapeworm this disease and we found that its inmunologic system was low and estress cause the pain within the joints this to him totally well of form thanks to two crude products. I can give site you is the product is call FIBRO AMJ and this fact for those with this condition I hope that help you like my uncle byyy. god bless u.

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My mother have Fibromyalgia. So do I. Nobody knows exactly what cause it, but it causes the skin to hurt. Sometimes when wearing confident fabrics my skin will hurt. Sometimes I enjoy a hard time sitting in chairs because it hurts so unsuccessfully. Basically they treat it with twinge pills

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