I am considering Tubal Ligation (permanent birth control)?

I want to hear from women who have have this procedure done. Good stories...and bad.

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I was 32 when I have my tubal and I have not regretted it. There is alot of freedom knowing that I dont hold to worry more or less birth control.

the only point I can suggest is to put ALOT of thought into this decision. You inevitability to be absolutely unshakable that you are okay with not have anymore kids.

IF IN DOUBT, DON'T! wait until you are 100% positive that you are going to be okay beside it.

as for the procedure,, for me it was a piece of cake. I have a little bruising and that be it. I healed pretty briskly. nowadays, it is an straightforward surgery. the scar is give or take a few 1/2 inch and it is in my belly button so no one can see it.

moral luck!

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I have it done and usually after x number of years some women develop fibroid turmors and need to go and get them removed...it is not permanent as women hold gotten pregnant afterwards...it is better protection than what is offered for bc.your periods might be heavier and closing longer...
Talk to your ob/gyne

What's going on?

I had my tubal at age 21 because I have a boy & a girl. There were times when I regretted it, close to when I got a divorce and couldn't hold anymore children.My husband now have no biological children of his own and that bothered me.It doesn't bother him because he say's he have 2 kidsthat he loves.And he NEVER calls them his step children. So dream up really hard in the past having this done.It have it's advantages & disadvantages. Good Luck

I'm scared?

I know that it increases the odds of tubal pregnancies later on within life. If you're married or contained by an otherwise commited relationship, you should ask your partner if he'll consider a vesectomy instead. It's much much safer for him than it is for you to get sterilised, and yes it is designed to be permanent, but sometimes accident happen. Thank god for abortion!

Also, I'm 23 and hold no children, so I have a especially hard time finding anyone to do this procedure on me. If you're childish and have no kids, you'll own to shop around.

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