I have a biopsy for cervical cancer Thursday.?

should they have given me an local anastetic back they did this procedure. it was one of the most painfull experiances of my existence. sorry if this sounds gross,but am also losing large clumps of blood. im surrounded by absolute agony,and enjoy came close to collapsing near the pain on several occasion. please can any one help. friendly suggestion only please. cervival cancer is not a funny thing at all. hold been told that they are going to be putting me to sleep lower than a general anastetic for the subsequent procedure that i have to hold done. please help. am terrified

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You poor entry, that is such a prickly experience, and the worry is simply as bad. I believe they should own numbed your cervix before taking the biopsy, and you are no problem justified contained by complaining about it. I also chew over you should call the surgery and permit them know about your cramp and bleeding, as you might have an infection. Better to be protected, than sorry, and go final for a checkup. Good luck, and try not to worry.

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I would infer they should have given you a moment or two something before doing a biopsy! But since you're in so much headache and losing blood/clots, I'd personally enjoy somebody take you to the ER promptly. You shouldn't be having these symptoms after a cervical biopsy. If you have a D&C, perhaps; but not next to just a biopsy of your cervix. I really urge you to shift to the ER!

Best of luck, and I hope all is alright <3

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I think you should enjoy had a local anaesthetic contained by your cervix. I had a loop excision for level 3 dyskariosis and I'm sure my cervix was anaesthetised. It be quite raw and I bled for 21 days, but there be certainly no clumps or clots. If you are experiencing clots later I would most certainly obtain in touch beside your gynaecologist/doctor as this doesn't sound right. Telephone the hospital and ask to speak to one of the gynae nurses or doctors and they will insist on you better. All the best.

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if you've have a comb biopsy that is not exceedingly nice but if you have to hold the next operation you will be asleep but the reclamation for this operation take along time you must rest properly and not heave or strain yourself at all my wife have this operation 15 years ago and she is fine now transmit yourself no matter how fearful you are this operation is going to make you better. suitable luck with the adjectives.

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Hi i had one myself a few weeks ago and i be exactly the same. I found it to be the most horrendous piece that i have ever experienced. I didn't enjoy any blood clots though so i would urge you to go to the doctors and seize it checked out. I had a loop diathermy ending week and although am still sore now the actual process be nothing resembling the biopsy. Don't worry in the region of your treatment believe me the biopsy was the worst experience.

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Hi I have the same procedure done a few weeks ago and no they do not use a local anaesthetic. I instinctively hardly feel any pain at adjectives so I think this vary dependant on the individual. I would definitely dance back to your doctor just about the bleeding as from what I was told this is not to be expected.

When the biopsy results come I then have to have treatment to remove the anomalous cells. There are several different ways this can be done but the most common is the Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (LLETZ), also call Loop Electro-Excision Procedure (LEEP). Check out this website is really informative.

For this procedure I was given a local anaesthetic but dependent on how big the nouns is they need to treat or where on earth this area is you may be given a broad anaesthetic.

I wont lie and yes the injections did hurt a bit but the treatment itself be painless a little humiliated, but painless and I felt totally fine almost an hour later and be free to go home. My friend have the same but underneath general anaesthetic and she stayed surrounded by hospital over night and did grain a bit yuk for a day or so but nil really bad.

Please don't frenzy, I know this is a frightening thing to enjoy to go through but trust the doctors and ask as plentiful questions as you can. This is unpleasant yes, but it's far better than the alternative.

I option you luck :) take watchfulness and I'm sure everything will be fine.

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No I have two biopsies did on my cervix and I didn't have any antithetic. One hurt more afterwards the other but it wasn't that bad, perchance your pain tolerance is low. The second one they are conversation about is a cone biopsy be they remove all the doomed to failure cells, which yes they would present you antithetic for that. My first biopsies came posterior abnormal, so they first wait six months to see if they changed any more. I just have my six month pap to check again and everything was fine. So, don't stress to much it might only be nothing.

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oh my god ii can't believe they didn't give you a local, i have a biopsy years ago and had a local,i didn't hold too much trouble after and i really think you ought to acquire in to see the doc asap as that doesn't nouns right at all, i get the impression really bad for you have to go through adjectives that pain,

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after i had my son 10 mo ago i have a biopsy done on my cervix for cancer i was one stage away from full blown cancer my Dr give me a local and pills for the pain when i go home too i would complain and go see your reg Dr and update hI'm what happened and see just about getting some pain pills do it does hurt like hell and im a unbelievably strong woman good luck Hun i touch for you i had clots too every woman is different

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i had to be given a local anastetic too i get a cone biopsy as i had remarkable cells it be back contained by 1996 thou

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