My mom have mentioned that she thinks I should go and get a cervical cancer shot. Is it a good hypothesis?

Does the shot hurt? I am 13 and I hate shots! I haven't have one since I was 5 years antediluvian! Where all can they inject the shot in? WHich place hurts smaller quantity?

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As a 28 yr antiquated dealing with precancerous cell on my cervix, all I can say aloud is YES YES YES!

Shots suck, and it might hurt some, but it is far better then the alternatives. 8 out of 10 women draw from HPV in their lifetime, and although it generally does not head to cancer, wouldn't you rather be sure?

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OF COURSE! It's only as a method of precaution...
I got mine a year ago. and presently I've reduced my risk of getting cervical cancer.
It is a series of 3 shots, none of which hurt. It may be just a bit sore after, but I promise, nil to panic over. They do it contained by your shoulder.
It's really not a big deal!

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How can you know you hate shots if you haven't have one since you were 5 yrs frail? They aren't fun, but they aren't a huge issue either.

Do some research online on Gardasil (I believe that's the right spelling) and see if what you read, both pros and cons, seem worth it to you and your Mom.

Shoulder is a typical injection site, but the hip/buttock nouns typically is less bleeding (esp for thick liquids) so you may know how to request it in that nouns but I really don't think it will be an issue any way.

Do what's right for you...this is your long-term vigour you're thinking about.

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Here are my thoughts on the subject.
1. My daughter will get the shot.
2. consider it another inoculation to prevent something
3. shot goes contained by the deltoid. (upper arm)

You must have have other shots as you are 13 years old and are probably up to date on your immunization. My son had to hold boosters to go into 7th status.

The idea aft this shot is to prevent a disease that affects a lot of women. Once departed our early 20's it is too postponed to get the shot.
A lot of those will argue that it isn't necessary. Consider it as another jab for girls. Most people own no problem getting a tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, polio etc..
The odds of you getting any of these now is pretty darn slim but we have our kids catch the shots anyways,
A shot to prevent cervical cancer something that up to 75% of women will/can get should be done.

If your nurse is angelic it won't hurt much at all. You may perceive a little prick at the site. If you have this done or know you are going too, they can prescribe a medication that you can put on the site one hour before you stir in to the organization that will numb the site and you won't feel anything

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Im 16 and I get the shot last tuesday and it doesnt hurt!! usually they inject the shot in the arm! it doesnt hurt and it protects you against some of the cervical cancer.

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This shot is a very pious idea. It will protect your from things when you are in your highschool/ college years. The best place for the shot is a fatty nouns, such as your butt or your thigh, leg. Dont worry it will run fast and be over next to. You will thank your mom later within life. If you find cervical cancer, it can kill you. so its any the shot, or death surrounded by some cases. Just be brave and you will be just fine.

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There could be some tenderness to the nouns. I'm a nurse and I think that HPV vaccine is a GOD SEND to girls. I live in texas and Rick Perry almost made mandatory for adjectives girls in 6 status and up to get it. It can prevent HPV and genital wart. HOWEVER if you dont get it and and obtain either HPV or Warts you could lose your luck to have kids.

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If your mother think it would be a good impression, then you might want to consider getting the shot.

However, my personal evaluation is that it's much more important to practice not detrimental sex than it is to get this inoculation. The vaccination is in actual fact against HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, which can be one of the causes of cervical cancer.

If you hold questions something like it, discuss this some more with your mother, and first, with a doctor, to see what their ambience are on whether or not you should get the shot.

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