Menstural Cycle Help! Puking, Pooping?!!?

Every other month when I get my time of year, I get reallly unpromising cramps that nothing help until I puke, and then walk for a poop, which takes awhile. I don`t know if thats ordinary or not, or if theres anything I can do to stop it.

I haven't came on my term in almost 4 month.?

lol... that's funny because i thought i be the only character that it happens to. My cramps are so bleak that i can't handle it... and i throw up. I reflect the poop- which i call time poop because it doesn't happen just when i'm on my period- is normal for adjectives ladies. Some ladies get it dutiful, others like us seize is bad. My doctor prescribed me Ponstel which is suppose to comfort with extent but it did not help me and made my stomach more upset and I would throw up even more. I am on birth control which help the cramping which in the ends stop me from throwing up. Or try using a higher prescription iburofen. Good luck!!

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