Cervical Cancer?

Ive been looking up Cervical cancer and abundantly of sites say that you usually own irregular bleeding between periods. I dont enjoy this but i do have some pelvic backache. And i am too scared to step to the doc. I dont know how to get over this start.

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Well, think of it this road: IF you DO have cervical cancer, worrying nearly it and avoiding the doctor will NOT make it stir away. This type of cancer, while rare, does appear. And left untreated, it resembling every other cancer is 100% fatal.

So do yourself a favor and stop playing the ostrich. Make your appointment and bring in to be see. Chances are, you're worrying yourself over nothing. The cramping might not be reproductive-organ related, even (as in, it might be an irritable bowel or even in recent times gas!).

Take care of yourself, because not a soul's going to do it for you!

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You probably don't own cervical cancer if you've had annual paps which hold been mundane. You should definately see an ob/gyn for your pelvic pain and annual pap.

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