Uh oh!?

my poop has not long been really pointy..i dont know what to do?
[[it hurts :(]]

How do cramps have a feeling? (I am guessimg men cant really answre this question)?

relax, all it is, is its called the pointy poop syndrome
ive have it before and within is NOTHING to worry something like!
actually, it class of massages your butt and feel good
but all you gotta do is push tricky and fast, and your equipped to go!

Is the pill free on the nhs if your 17?

Sounds similar to you are constipated. Try drinking more fluids.

Can u swim with a tampon?

Fluids and fiber will getcha movin. Dont freak out though, it is basically poo!

I have my spell but its not that time of month.?

You are not having the proper bowel movements. You are relatively likely feeling thirst and you need to drink at smallest 8 or more glasses of pure, filter,water a daylight. Not tap hose down and many bottled sea companies are uusing tap sea. No sodas, or milk, and come off sugar, cheeses, and milk as they are constipating.

You inevitability to eat more fiber. and one of the best is Rolled Oat Porridge for breakfast.
Also an onion, cabbage, garlic, bit of carrot, celery, in a chicken broth soup, That will backing you have a BM
Have you asked your mom for serve. Mothers know quite deeply
Contact me if you like.

I am taking a seven time treatment for a yeast infection?

you can take stool softener, that will minister to.

Also if you press on the area that is to say above your anus (like, right below your vagina but before your anal opening) when you push, it will relieve it come out. But make sure you rinse your hands!

Do birth control pills boost your libido?

You entail a coffee enema,it will clean you out totally.You'll perceive great after wards. Buy dampen bottle,and a enema hose. Make some strong coffee,no sugar,or cream ,just black. Put partially the water bottle into your anus nouns for 5 minutes. You'll be on the toilet with no more pointy poop to drained about.

Is this something I should be worried roughly?

Take more water & juice, avoid oily and spicy food. Now, the long occupancy measure (don't cart this as a joke): When you finish just put mild pressure on extended entity, it'll go 'surrounded by' to some extent. Do it daily. If required apply some cream until that time pushing. In the long run this will work miracle.

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