I am a breastfeeding mom who have noticed closely more bruises.?

Not sure if it is because of the breastfeeding or something else. Anyone ever heard of or experienced this past?

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It's what I like to refer as my kid sucking my brain cells through my breasts. It's because presently we mothers have another human man to look after so we are paying less attention to what we are doing. We consequently bump into everything but never notice

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Hello...It is probably due to the breastfeeding. I can also mean that your toddler is not latching on right. Breastfeeding hurts when you first start doing it. After a few weeks the pain is gone and near should not be any bruising as long as your baby is latching on right. Your Dr or your Dr's nurse can show you how to find your baby to latch on right. Good luck and try to nurse as long as you can. It's the best process to bond with your tot and it's very healthly for both of you :)

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it is because you babe is puching your breast

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