If I see the shedded uterus inside layer while menstruating, does that mean I don't enjoy Endometriosis?

Because I heard that if you own that particular disease, it prevents the uterus bin liner from coming out.

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What do you aim that you see the shed uterus lining? You may be seeing a clot, formed when your body's blood thinning hormones do not work speedily enough to wiry the blood before it pass from your body. You may also be seeing dead white blood cell or dead cell from your vaginal walls that are sloughed off during menstruation. Your menstral blood IS the bin liner of your uterus. If you mean that you see pieces of your uterus (the actual organ) coming out of your vagina you have need of to go to the hospital. Read your biology textbook as a bedtime story tonight.

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Your menstrual flow IS your uterine lining man shed.

Endometriosis doesn't prevent the uterine lining from anyone shed. Endometriosis is an illness contained by which small bits of uterine lining also grow outside of the uterus. This tissue act in impossible to tell apart manner as does the compatible tissue growing in the proper place, but if it's outside of the uterus, there is no track for the lining to escape from the abdominal cavity.

You might want to check this on a lawful medical website. I'd suggest the one below, which has excellent information in plain speech.

What is endocrinologist?

Endometriosis is endometrial lining of the uterus growing OUTSIDE the uterus in the pelvis. It will adhear to ovaries and fallopian tubes.

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