Uterine fibroids, agony, heavy bleeding and irregular period?

I have multiple hulking and small fibroids, severe endometriosis, severe adhesions (they thought I'd have chemo). I used to have totally regular periods but they are very soon irregular and heavy beside a long pms time around when I expect a period. I be getting one heavy one going on for every other month having to transformation pads every 15 minutes for in the future of it. And a lighter one in between near alot of spotting. But sometimes I can have pms symptoms similar to I'm starting and not start for a couple weeks. (They say it's inoperable.) Is this adjectives? What should I be worried about? What can I do?

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I have this same problem in 2005, I experienced solid bleeding and it continued for about a week, quit next to just spotting and consequently back to bleeding again. This be so bad it put me contained by a very insipid state and finally decided to call on obgyn and had blood try-out and ultra sound done. I be so low on blood that I had to own 4 pints replaced due to so much blood loss. The ultra sound showed a fibroid tumor. I have a total abdominal hysterectomy in September 2005 and the tumor removed. The fibroid tumor was cause the main problem for me, making my period unbearable. Now I have a feeling fine health perceptive, my blood count is back up, but unsurprisingly I went straight to menopause, but I'm handling it the best I can. I need you luck, have your blood checked for anemia and an ultra nouns to see where and how substantial the fibroids are.

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I'd worry more or less becoming anemic if you're losing that much blood. Ask for a blood test to monitor this and transport iron supplements.
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