How common is HPV? Am I going to die immediately?

I am a 30 year old feminine and funny thing is that I haven't have any type of intercourse for the last 2 years due to pregnancy, child birth and postpartum depression.

I be diagnosed a few days ago and have to see my ob/gyn for a colop...(spelling?). Can the infection travel away again? Btw, I'm married.

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Approximately 20 million associates are currently infected with HPV. At least possible 50 percent of sexually active men and women acquire genital HPV infection at some point in their lives. By age 50, at most minuscule 80 percent of women will have acquire genital HPV infection. About 6.2 million Americans get a different genital HPV infection each year.

There is no "cure" for HPV infection, although in most women the infection go away on its own. The treatments provided are directed to the changes surrounded by the skin or mucous membrane caused by HPV infection, such as wart and pre-cancerous changes within the cervix.

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No you are not going to die from HPV.

Here is a website that will answer your question on HPV:

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It is extremely common. Unlike other STD's (like Herpes) it can "progress away" so to speak, after an extended period of time contained by latentcy. You will need to save track of it with pap smears. You most expected got it from your hubby because nearby is no test currently to consent to men know they have it. I would a short time ago keep surrounded by good robustness and make sure to return with to an obgyn regularly. I read somewhere that most women have it at some point in their lives but not adjectives REALIZE they have it as it can move about "incognito" without symptoms.

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No, you're not going to die in a minute! The tv is saying that similar to 1 in 4 women enjoy HPV- which is a lot of women that don't even know it. I be diagnosed 14 years ago with it- and I'm alive and all right! I did have a cryosurgery next but since then zilch abnormal. It is a virus that will stay contained by your system forever. Luckily, if treated the chances of habitual problems are slim. I've had 3 pregnancy's and 2 vigorous boys since the surgery. Just be sure to get twelve-monthly exams to check for outbreaks and cervical cancer (unfortunatly it is more common now) and you should be fine! BTW, my stillborn have nothing to do near HPV in the recent past.

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Let me purely say I know EXACTLY how you touch. I too JUST foundo ut i had HPV and subsequent week go within for my biopsy. Yoiu are not going to die, everything is treatable, you may have have it years ago and not known. It can lay "dormant" for years and stick its principal out when it wants, but you will other have it, it is a virus. Just save going to the Dr. and you will be fine, thats what I keep relating myself...I understand I too am VERY panicky! But my dr. told me I would be fine, not going to die, and not going to have trouble have kids.

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HPV is very adjectives. And no your want die. I found out i had HPV when surrounded by 2005. i was married too. and the first thought i have was - no way-. here is the issue. HPV be not able to be detected until extension 2004 early 2005. Or should i read out they didn;t check for it in regular Pap. So as my doctor said to me, unless you have one partner or your spouse had one partner (meaning you), you will never amount out were you get it from. Now that being said, some HPV can step away on its on. It depends . You must listen to your doctor. My doctor said i was tremendously healthy and she would do a pap every 3 months to see if it go away on its on. 6 months later i be clear. Its different for everyone. Your doctor will tell you that they can map out be the cells or wart are and laser them off. its simple and not terrifically painfull at all. They enjoy a shot too, i am not formilliar with that, so i cannot comment on it. the issue next to HPV is that it can cause cervical cancer but for detected and taken care of. The correct news is that it is a Slow moving cell, which is probably the idea they didn't catch it long ago. You enjoy probably had it for a while. I be told by one doctor you can carry and never enjoy any cells pop out or any indication. Its when you immune system drops when it can come alive. Maybe the pregnancy took a tole on your immune system. HPV is intensely common, and do not have a feeling bad. i be scared and embarrased at first. what is going to evolve to your next is they will step in freshly like a pap, purloin a few scraped. maybe map them out (white vinager swabed essential your cervix). and take a look. consequently go over what you hold and your situation. you will be fine

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Coloposcopy? It's spelled something close to that ;) Relax, HPV is a very adjectives thing. Depending on what you read, between 70 and 90 percent of population will get HPV at some point in their lives. 20 million those were confirned to own it in 2005. Most of the time though, race don't even know they have it. I have the coloposcopy procedure done a few weeks ago. They do that to see if you have illustrious risk or low risk hpv. If it's low risk (thank God mine was) than in 80% of woman your body fights of the bleak HPV cell on their own and it shouldn't effect you. It will forever live in you, but won't effect you... brand of like the adjectives cold. If it's high risk, they'll do a procedure to remove those elevated risk bad cell that could turn into cervical cancer. Hope that helps! Blessings!

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Only 2 percent of women beside HPV have the type of HVP that puts them at risk for cervical cancer so your risk is subsequent to none.

Even if you did have cervical cancer that wouldn't necessarily connote death anyway b/c you could confine it early and medical treatment is advanced.

Sorry to hear going on for this difficult news for you.

What Is This? are not going to die! But after you established the presence of HPV in your body it become a neccessity and obligation to look in your ginecologists every 6 month to make a HPV question paper to see if he is doing something or he is "asleep".To cheer you up, according to the newest research, Human Papiloma Virus be found in a virgin and they said that he lives generally on our skin s surface!There are no tablets or any known psychiatric help to cure HPV just cause tests every 6 months.Tell your husband to brand tests also,because he can own it too but without perceptible symptoms.You can live your whole time and die without your HPV anyone activated!Yes,I almost forgot and clutch some strong immunostimulative vitamins such as BETA-1,3 D GLUCAN!

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No, you won't die presently.

HPV does go away for some culture but not all. It can be in motion dormant for years and not go away; popping up at times of stress.

You can pass by it on to your husband. If you have sex, be sure he wear a condom to lessen the chance of him getting it. Do not tolerate your vulva touch any part of his body after sex because he can stop it that way.

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NO, you are not going to die.

You should lift the Colopyohly to see what type you have. The two type of illustrious risky may cause genital wart. The other two type is associated with cervical cancer.

HPV is certain to 120 type strains but 37 are known to sexual transmitted disease beside high contagion. It would be spreaded through skin to skin contact next to infected area during sexual intercourse, especially for genital nouns.

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