Any women here have a tubal ligation?

I'm considering getting a tubal ligation, and I'm curious about the procedure. Has anyone here have one? Was it painful? Did you own to be put under? What be the recovery symptoms approaching, and how long did it take for you to receive back to conventional? Thanks for any input.

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Yes i had it 20 yrs ago. (age 40) you are put a sleep.but sent home after surgery, it is snatched, very small defect at the belly button. quick seizure i was up and fixing my own dinner like peas in a pod evening, no pain.
i am sure within todays modern world that it is even quicker recovery. no vitamins previously or after sergery. good luck

Antibiotics and birthcontrol?

Yes, you will want to be "put under", but it's no biggie.

I had mine along near a C-section, so my recovery be harder than yours will be, but still I felt honest after 6 weeks.

You may have some cramping and stuff afterwards. But you'll be free of birth control stuff, and that's cool!

Is it ok to start taking birth control pill 12 days after you start your extent?

I had a tubal. Went lower than. No pain, no problems. Best item I ever did for myself.

Is it true that 'generally speaking' a woman will run through menopause around the same age as her mother did?

i have one 22 years ago they wait until you achieve your period later they do the surgry you go to the hospital and they put you out very soon mine i had a bikni cut a short time ago were the fleece line is my blemish is about 4 inch long? and you can't see it you'll be in the hospital perchance a day next they let you dance home but no bending or sex for 6 weeks you heal and it's over. no biggie i'm glad i did mine to.i have three children 1983,1984,1985. march,april,june. see why i have mine LOL

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