How do I know if I own Endometriosis?

I'm 13 and have have my period for almost four years in a minute. I experience very aching cramping, occasional painful bowel movements, and occasionally do I experience painful urination. I researched Endometriosis quicker and found that pelvic pain is one of the ascendant symptoms of this disease, but I don't have any backache at all. Only one of my relatives have the disease (my dads sister). My mother doesn't have it any. I have not be to any doctor for anything in years, and I am concerned. What do you all regard as?

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Endometriosis is quite pink in teenagers; probability of you having it are immensely slim indeed. If you are still concerned, talk to your mother to lift you for a gynecological evaluation.

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I chew over that you should make an appt near a gyn as soon as possible. It could be any of number of things, and you don't want to mess around with that.
You possible could own endometriosis, but you could also have cyst on the ovaries, another condition that I can not spell but I have and that is that instead of the egg carrying through, it shoots out and explodes and make you really ill.any number of things.
I KNOW that going to the gyn does not nouns like a fun piece, and it is NOT, but you need to move about to be sure that nothing serious is wrong near you. Please take this counsel, and good luck

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I agree next to butter. You should check it out if u havent been to the gyn surrounded by a while. But ill detail you what. Ive had so heaps painful period when i was starting out. I go to the gyn. and they suggested watching ur salt intake because it (as we adjectives know) causes excess dampen retention. That makes ur spell feel close to hell. I still have them pretty bleak to the point i cant move and stuff, but its normal.

ps: notify ur mom that ur not to young. Tell her that in a minute a days its dangerous not to win things checked out too early. Theres so various problems now its better to be up to date than longing u hadnt done it earlier.

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I doubt that you own 'endometriosis' since you said 'nothing' nearly having 'irregular' or 'extremely strapping bleeding' during your periods, nor almost any 'missing periods.' But if you hold been menstruating for almost 4 years, you are 'mode too old' NOT to be seeing a gynecologist. Your mom probably think that your pediatrician is 'all you want' but since you say you haven't see ANY doctor for years, I think that you inevitability to talk to your academy's nurse or counselor and tell them that you hold gotten 'professional advice' that you NEED TO SEE A GYNECOLOGIST RIGHT AWAY! I surmise that you may have 'mild pre-menstrual syndrome' and some 'cramping' during and right in the past your periods, and that's 'okay' but you really do NEED TO SEE A GYNECOLOGIST RIGHT AWAY surrounded by case in that is 'something else wrong' with you ... and to be sure that you hold good 'gynecological vigilance' now that you are a 'full woman' ... and that INCLUDES getting 'pap smears' and have a mammogram, even though you are still 'a kid' ... start now and develop the 'pious habit' and you'll live to a 'long, jolly, and healthy ripened age.'

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