Topic: Menopause...I am 47 and I am having irregular period.?

I feel kinda stupid here...but my mom is in poor form and I can't really talk to her. My step mom won't consult on the subject, my sister's don't know.
In the past 2 to 3 years my period have be irregular, sometimes going 2 or more months between cycles.
(Before that I was so predictable...around every 23 days, I would have 3 to 4 days of med. to standard lamp flow. I was so regular, boyfriend could even predict exactly when I be going to start.)
This past few years, it have become very unpredictable I even started to maintain track on the calender to see how they spaced apart. The only piece that is like peas in a pod is when I skip a month or more I flow so heavy and loose so much blood, I quality faint and I am have such bad throbbing at times, it feels as though I am getting stabbed in the stomach, even missing days of work or taken fluffy duty.
I have have a change of energy style the past 2 yrs. but don't hold room to go into detail here. If someone could email me near more room to explain..

When you..?

#1) You aren't stupid, you are SMART because you asked a question! You want to be informed, that's pretty sage in my view!

#2) They say, the after that you start your first period, the before you start to go through menopause. What you are describing could be menopause for sure :) It also could be other things.

#3) If you are enormously stressed out, it can cause adjectives kinds of unnatural things with your period, and if your Mom is in poor robustness, I can't imagine that you'd not be stressed! :(

There are also things close to Fibroids and things that could be causing this much blood loss and/or aching. So please go to your Gyne, and speak to them in the region of these problems. They will check your hormones to see if you are starting menopause, and then will insist on you accordingly.

Don't verbs, just achieve checked out for your own piece of mind.

Take care!

Can i still bring pregnant the natrual way even tho i own scarred fallopian tubes?

Menopause sucks. You call for to make an appointment beside your doctor to get your hormone level checked just to be sure. When you own had no extent for 1 year you are finished. (or so they say!).


your going through menopause you can be in it for years

I forgot I didn't own any more contraceptive pill packs not here?

Menopause is a stage in energy when a woman stops having her monthly length.It is a normal segment of aging, marking the finish off of a woman's reproductive years.Get enough calcium. A woman going through menopause wants 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a day. Avoid excessive amounts of saline to reduce bloating associated next to hormonal changes. More information and remedies at

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