Has anyone ever have an abdominal myomectomy to remove fibroids?

I am having this surgery at the call a halt of July. I am wondering about other's experience near it. I have three fibroid tumors that the Dr. is going to remove. One submucosal, this is the through one. It is the size of a 16 wk old babe. They tell me that this is the best surgery to preserve fertility. Is it really 4 week repossession time? My gosh, I am dreading this!

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I had abdominal myomectomy when I be 24. The fibroids were several and as big as size of 16 weeks pregnancy. I didn't feel any torment for those fibroids but I had cloying bleeding and anemia. So doctors decided to be in motion through surgery. Before surgery, doctor gave me 4 shots of Luprone to make smaller the size of the fibroids ( I don't understand why be that necessary)
After that I had surgery. Doctors removed 28 tumors and oodles more were not here inside the uterus which were so tiny that could not be removed.
It took around 4 weeks to restore your health. I had to filch light food during this time. The most throbbing time was when I get sense from aneshthia effect. I felt vomit, heat then but doctors give me medicines to cut back the pain.
Just after 6 days of the surgery I took a flight, after 7 days I have an interview and after 1 month I started my MBA classes.
I hope you will have the surgery near no problem with the surgery.
By the means of access, the tumors grow back inside 1 year as big as size of 20 weeks pregnancy. But luckily I got pregnant after 22 months of the surgery. Now I'll own surgery to give birth of the infant but I don't know what my doctor would do with my uterus.
Good luck.

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