Women, is Endometriosis inherent?

I'm 13 and get really discouraging cramps every month when I menstruate, and someone told me I may have Endometriosis. My mom doesn't own it but one of my aunts does. My mom told me that if I were to attain it, she would have to enjoy it because it is only inherent from your mother. I just considered necessary to make sure.

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Yes its hereditary, but you don't other get things from your parents. Like my sister have red hair and nobody does except my grandma. My aunt have endometriosis, not my mom, but they thought i had it some time ago.

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Endometriosis is a hereditary disease. It is not as simple as the color of your pelt or the color of your eyes. Although the genetics is far more complex, we do know that Endometriosis occur seven times more frequently when there is a nearest and dearest history of the disease than if there be not.


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Your mum is wrong, it can be hereditary, but even if your mother doesn't enjoy it you could still get it. In my home only a few woman own it not all. And comparatively often the mother of that strain doesn't enjoy it. If your unsure you should go to the doctor to check it out. They can enlighten you with 100% finality and if there's anything you can do to assistance the pain.

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these are both sites that can give you some great info on this subject.

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It is inherent. As long as someone in your relatives has it here is a good arbitrary you might as well.

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