I'm 17 and my life primarily stops a week before my extent it seems. I grasp menstrual cramps that are sharp stabs on top of bloating and "electric shock" approaching pain contained by my cervix as well as stabbing in the breasts. My OBGYN said it be bad PMS and put me on Yaz, which I be hoping would help but this is the first month on it and the menstrual niggle makes me double over contained by tears and I get such nausea from it.I've also begin spotting a week early tacky brown clots. I've tried to stop letting it get surrounded by the way of my enthusiasm but it when I go out beside friends I usually just winding up up curled in a globe holding back tears. I really detest it. I don't know what it is, if it's just outrageous PMS or something like endometriosis. I've even tried the hardcore prescription ibprofen and it narrowly dulls it.
I'm just frustrated and wondering if anyone could oblige me out and tell me if the discomfort I'm describing, that I get a apt week before menstruating, is some disorder or a moment ago in my cranium. Thanks.

I would like info on Mirena and its side effects.?

Hey hun I'm 20 and i have the same exact symptoms as you when i be 14 and started menstruating. I went to three different Gyno's (womans doctor) back the doctor i have very soon and each one told me your merely having unpromising cramps that's all, some thought it be in my pave the way. Finally i went to my unsullied doctor and i had a surgery call a laperscopic surgery they found that i did have endormetriosis and i have a lot of it. Now I'm treated beside the shot called Depo, it works but the problem beside endometriosis is even after you have the surgery it can come put money on in 6 months.. here is no cure for it right now but possibly talk near your Dr. again and if she/he doesn't do anything go to another doctor because you hold all the symptoms and believe me i know what your discussion about this condition is horrible hope you find nouns. E-mail if you want more info hailygirl2244@Yahoo.com

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